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Shock and awe!

I haven’t posted in so long. So much for my regular posting! I’ll break in gently with this….

If you are not aware of the Eamon Dunphy #sweargate during the World Cup coverage on RTE just have a look at this!

Personally I love my Dad’s reaction! His gasp is so child-like!


Bill's reaction to Eamon's F-Bomb!

Bill’s reaction to Eamon’s F-Bomb!

Water water everywhere

We all know that drinking water is really important for our overall health but I wonder how many of you drink enough water?

It’s kind of a no-brainer (actually our brain is 90% water!!) and our body is about 70% water. The majority of our blood and every cell in your body is also composed of water so it makes sense that we need 8-9 cups of water a day to function properly.

I was recently told to “drink water like it was my job!”. This somehow made sense to me and it sunk in… it sometimes takes a few hits of the same message to land!

I’m kinda funny with drinks. I don’t ever drink past 5pm to avoid frequent nighttime trips to the loo… unless it’s alcoholic of course and I never drink when I’m eating. I have one black coffee in the morning and might have another at around 3pm but those two cups of caffeine are more than often the only fluids I drink all day. That’s crazy!!

So the past week I have been drinking water like it is my job. I quite like water and prefer tap or still to the sparkling variety. I have around 8-9 pints of water a day as opposed to none at all and have stopped drinking it by early afternoon to avoid said toilet trips.

I’ve really noticed a difference since taking on this personal challenge in my skin, energy levels and also a nice amount of poundage down on the scales… which is always a good thing! Yes I am peeing like a lunatic all morning but think of all the toxins I am flushing out of my system… it can only be good.

I’ve started doing a bit of exercise and I’ve found the extra water each day really helps with my stamina keeping me energized for longer. With I’ll avoid the regular dehydration headaches I get whilst away or active in warmer weather.

It’s so simply to drink water and it provides so many benefits yet I have not been doing it. Do you drink water daily and if so how much?

Drink water like it's your job

Drink water like it’s your job

Blast from the past

We all experience bumping into people from our past and I had a blast from my past the other day but not in human form. I found my past in my jewellery box. Who knew that by decided to change my bracelet for the first time in an age that I would be transported back to the happiest time of my life, my 24th year.

I was reminded of a piece of coral that I found while I was diving off the Great Barrier Reef and stole very boldly from the ocean floor to make into a necklace. Then there was the female Buddha necklace I bought in Thailand and wore every day for the three months I was there and whenever I could when I came home. You see Buddha necklaces aren’t really acceptable in the work place with a suit.

Nor is a tongue ring but I persevered and bought a clear plastic bar and managed to keep it out of sight from even my work mates. When I opened my jewellery box and saw all my various piercing jewels I was reminded about the day I got my tongue pierced on Bondi beach and how much I loved it but was terrified it would ruin my teeth. I wasn’t one of those people that showed it off… most didn’t even know I had it!

I also remembered getting my nose pierced in Airlie Beach, Queensland on a 39degree day when I had a very rare day off from my diving instructor job and thought foolishly that nothing could be sorer than a tongue piercing.. how wrong I was!

I remembered the shell anklet I bought in Byron Bay and wore for a year and a half and the turquoise bracelets I wore for special occasions!   Then there was the green stone necklaces from New Zealand that you pretty much had to buy if you visited so of course I donned a piece on a thread of black leather for my month visit there.

I’m so happy I kept all my bits and pieces from my nearly two years travelling. It was an experience of a lifetime and I have all the photos, jewellery, piercing marks and memories to show for it. You see, now I wear respectable, grown up jewellery but there is a very large part of me that is still that tongue ring, Buddha necklace and anklet wearing free spirit.

When did you last look in your jewellery box… I bet it holds some pretty amazing memories.

My jewellery box of memories

My jewellery box of memories

Happy Hippy in Melbourne... love this photo of me!

Happy Hippy in Melbourne… love this photo of me!

Lost mojo found

Anyone who writes a blog or anything for that matter will understand the frustration and slight panic of not knowing what to write about. You go about your business and then something reminds you of the fact that you haven’t written a blog for another week and then realise the weeks have added up to months.

I have just experienced my second blogging drought and it drove me crazy…. but I’m baaaaaack!

I have had a lot on the past two months. Some big decisions have been and are being made and when something like this happens to me I find it difficult to write about the smaller stuff as the bigger stuff consumes my attention.

I’ve a busy few months ahead too, like most I expect. My biggest home based challenge at the moment is child care juggling and it is such a juggle! I am not one to just ‘trust that it will all work out’ and leave it to the last minute. I am a planner and once I set my mind on sorting something I find it very difficult to rest until it is fixed.

For example, school is shut over Easter and summer and I need to figure out what on earth I will do with my daughter in the mornings. My son is still in creche so he is sorted. We have childcare options available to us from 11am but what about those three hours before that I need to be in work? It’s all still up in the air but I’ve sorted out an Easter camp and some summer camps plus we have a nearly three week holiday (which I can’t wait for) however most camps start at 10am… what to do with her from 8-10am? There may be a few early morning wake up calls at Granny’s house I think!

Then there is the additional cost of the camps and extra childcare hours too. Next year I am definitely going to plan financially for the summer months. Wouldn’t it be lovely if one parent could take one month off and the other the second month during the summer?

Also, himself is away a lot with work at the moment. This week was Sweden, two weeks time is Austin, Texas, then France and then Bratislava… and those are only his travel plans till the beginning of June! So I’ll be single parenting amongst the childcare juggling act!

There is a silver lining though…. I get to escape for a week to Spain at the beginning of June with my bestie.. a whole week with no children, husbands or work…. I honestly think it is the only thing keeping me going!

Finally, I just came across this on my twitter stream and was challenged by the tweeter @flogardens aka Cathriona Edwards to try to not be mindful looking at this clip. Trying to be in the moment and not race ahead is so difficult and I don’t think I am alone in that particular struggle. If you want to experience mindfulness click the link below.. it’s only 4.49mins and I can guarantee you will be absorbed by it.


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