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The clear out

February 13, 2012

Views out to sea on Christmas morning 2011 (instagram)

I am an Instagram junkie and if you chose to look in on this blog from time to time expect to see some photos and references to Instagram! I discovered it almost a year ago and it has changed my life, literally. I now notice everything around me as a possible photo opportunity – much to the annoyance of everyone I am with – but I carry on because it makes me happy.

When I started on Instagram I wanted to get as many followers as I could so when others looked in on my profile they would see that I had a big following and automatically follow on that basis. I got it all wrong and I assume I was not alone.

The beauty of Instagram is that the genuine Instagrammers are there to appreciate others photos and to see the world through someone elses eyes or iPhone!

I think most if not all forms of social media are a cry or sometimes a shout for acceptance and attention. How may followers do you have on twitter? how many friends on facebook? how many comments on your blog?

Just a few hours ago I logged onto the site This site sifts through your Instagram ‘followers’ and basically gets rid of any followers who have not had any interaction with you for 60/90/180 days, or ghost followers as they have been termed!

So, I held my breath and I went for it! I went from over 600 followers to just under 300 in a matter of seconds. A huge drop but I’m delighted I did it. My remaining 300 followers are the people who I interact with and they interact with me on a daily/weekly basis and those who actually value my photos.

The desire and need to increase our ‘numbers’ is constant!

I think we all need a clear out every now and then… and I recommend it.


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  1. You know, my loved ones have the same problem with me looking at everything as a photo opportunity now too. Glad you enjoyed the clean out.

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