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The Red Dress Test

February 16, 2012

Strut your stuff (instagram pic by me)

Yesterday morning I realised I had created a little experiment without even planning it! It goes like this…
When I find a dress I like I have been known to buy an identical one to wear once the original one has been dry-cleaned, ok, who am I kidding, washed to death! I recently bought a lovely, plain black dress for work and immediately kicked myself for not buying a second once I wore it. To my surprise my Mom was in the same shop and spotted the same dress but in red and very kindly bought it for me!
So on Tuesday I threw on the Black dress, dropped the kids off to crèche and headed to work. Arrived at the office and chatted with everyone over coffee, went out for lunch, had a meeting and then attended a business networking event that night in the city for the Irish International Business Network. Got home at around 9pm and jumped straight into my PJ’s and slouched on the couch.
Yesterday I threw the Red dress on, dropped the kids off to crèche and headed to work. Again, chatted with everyone over coffee, realised I was supposed to be at a social media conference and legged it out of the office to attend (I only missed two speakers so wasn’t too bad!). I spent the day at the conference and then headed straight to yet another networking event in the city for Start Ups. Got home around 8.30 and again, jumped straight into my PJ’s and slouched, tweeting, on the couch!
Very similar days, wearing identical dresses, one Black and the other Red.Here’s where it gets interesting. Not one person commented on my Black dress. It was a different story when it came to the Red one.
In the morning the lady in the crèche mentioned that my dress was fabulous I wouldn’t go that far but anyway!), three co-workers made comments on my appearance and referenced the Red dress, the taxi man commented on me being the ‘Lady in Red’ and seven complete strangers at the networking events also mentioned my Red dress. I must add that said Red and Black dresses are very plain with no bells or whistles, bought in Dunnes!
So, I guess the unplanned experiment showed me that if you wanna get noticed, don’t morph into the safety of the black dress… step out in the Red one!


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  1. Soon to be seen wearing red permalink

    Interesting observation. Have taken note. Good spot!

  2. quinner permalink

    Love it JIll. So true. Not enough people try the red dress. It’s nice for us married women to be complimented by those other then our husbands:)

  3. So true Jill, and I bet you felt fabulous in the red dress as well, and that in itself shines out like a smile. Have a great weekend. Pat

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