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Keep on running…

March 5, 2012

I have recently started running. For me, running is exhilarating, makes me feel alive and it is also an escape from a lot of things. To say that I need running in my life would be accurate and I am not quite sure what I did without it…

When I run I feel free. I am free because it’s just me, the road and my thoughts. I get to think about whatever I want, uninterrupted. Sometimes I plan strategies for clients, sometimes it’s my social life and other times it’s about my past, present and future. I also get to take in the great outdoors which is so re-energising. With a full time job and two small children it can be very difficult to get uninterrupted time with your thoughts, time I think everyone needs to check out of the hum-drum of life and check into ourselves.

When I run I feel I am brilliant and invincible! I was never a runner nor did I participate in running sports as a youngster due to damaged knees. My sports were gymnastics and swimming so I never really ‘learnt’ to run. This may sound daft, but running is ‘learnt’ and if you haven’t run before it takes a while! So now that I am able to run a good distance it makes me feel that I am, quite simply, brilliant! I try not to do this, but I feel the need to let everyone know that I have just been out for a run and how long I ran and in what time so everyone else can see how brilliant I am too!

When I run I feel pressure. I feel pressure to not stop. Some may see this pressure not to stop as negative but for me it is positive. You see, I am all or nothing in pretty much everything I do; if I allowed myself to stop at any point I would see it as failure to complete the run. I am regularly asked after a run if I ran it non-stop and my answer is of course I did, I couldn’t run it any other way. I didn’t think there was any other way to run – I didn’t realise people actually stopped or walked. What is the point? Many friends say they need the break to have a breather and I completely get that… but as much as I need a breather every now and then, I just couldn’t let myself stop.

This year I hope to complete a half marathon and compete in some adventure races. The air of positivity and adrenalin at these events is palpable and addictive! I’ve taken part in a few races and each time became emotional at the end. It is the feeling of achievement that is just so overwhelming and I think the fact that I don’t allow myself to stop makes that feeling all the more amazing.


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