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Best little box, ever!

March 21, 2012

I discovered something last week that made me very, very happy and here is why. ..

I love getting presents… who doesn’t? I love getting post, that isn’t work or bill related and since social media exploded onto the scene interesting letters and packages are few and far between, and finally, I love suspense and mystery… in life, books and films!

So, imagine my delight when I discovered The Glossy Box… one of the girls in the office walked into my office with a little Harrods box all wrapped up and she handed it to me. With a huge smile on my face and a few shrieks of joy I opened it, photographed it and opened it some more. At this stage two others had come into my office to see what all the panic was over!

Glossy Box photo by @aimeeloula on Instagram

I might add at this point, that this Glossy Box of goodies was not mine, I was simply being shown it and was still uber excited!I finally got to all the goodies inside…. five beauty products from Harrods awaited my grubby paws. There was a Clarins Firming cream, a fabulous Ojon hair serum, lovely Burberry lipstick, Erno Laszlo’s Hollywood Collection of creams and Frendi perfume. I would use all of them and decided that the only thing I could do at that point was to get me some beauty goodies in a box.

So I immediately went online and signed up for this magical monthly box. For €14 a month on direct debit including delivery you get your Glossy Box delivered to your door and the mystery of its contents awaits you. When you sign up you are asked a number of questions re skin type, hair colour, likes and dislikes with fragrances and make up styles so they can tailor your Glossy Box to you whenever possible.

My initial thought was how did I not know about this and does everyone else know but decided to keep it secret or have I discovered a fantastic little gem that few know about? I then thought what a fantastic present for the lady in your life; Mom, sister, wife, girlfriend… and then I saw there is a Glossy Box for men too, so now everyone can benefit from this bountiful box!

Can’t WAIT for my first delivery! Check it out on


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  1. The glossy box sounds amazing and reasonably priced too, want to sign up for it soon! Love the look of this one!

    • I’m about to get my second GlossyBox any day now and the suspense is killing me! They were going on about nail varnish a lot on twitter so I think it may be nails based stuff !!!!

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