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Another experiment.. The smile

March 27, 2012

I attended the Social Media World Forum today. It was an invigorating day full off food for thought about social media strategy, where it is going and how to get there. I’ll blog more about that after day two tomorrow when I will officially be an ‘expert’ in the area!

Yet again I found myself taking part in a little experiment without quite knowing it… and it all started with a smile and a good morning to a man,standing in his pyjamas and a coat having a smoke outside his flat in Kensington at 7:45 this morning.

He was enjoying his fag, but was alone so I decided to say “good morning” and give him a big smile… He was a bit dazed but quickly gave me a big smile and “hello there” back. So I decided at that moment to approach the day with a smile on my face and engage people with a simple “hello” if we made eye contact.

I found that people were so receptive to a friendly face, even from a passing stranger, and every time it started a short dialogue. It made me happier to see I made them smile so I can only imagine that it made them happy too! And everyone loves ‘happy’ in small unexpected doses!

I think we all need to reach out more, in person. We all post and tweet when we are happy about something… With Facebook it’s mainly to friends and with twitter to a much wider community with whom, with many, we have no tangible relationship.

So come on, join in and smile at a stranger and bid him/ her good day… I can guarantee you will get a good response!


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