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What words describe you?

April 23, 2012

Everyone has a best mate; that person you tell everything to and who ‘gets’ you the most. I was out for a drink with above mentioned best mate and we got to talking about how people see us and if they see the real ‘us’ at all.

We started off with her choosing what words our group of friends would use to describe me and what words she would use to describe me, and I did the same for her.

She thought our friends would use words like strong, sassy and confident to describe me. All of these words are very accurate; this is what I present to people and it is a huge part of who I am.

She then told me what words she would use to describe me – within the list was hilarious and infectious (not in a disease way!) and she also listed anxious and vulnerable; a side that others may not see. There were more words but I’ll keep them for me for the moment!

I am all of these words. I am strong, confident, sassy, anxious, vulnerable, hilarious and infectious. I guess I chose who I share my weaknesses with – I assume everyone does this?

However, the older I get the less concerned I am at revealing my weaknesses and letting people see the other side of me. I am encountering this more and more with my friends and even brief acquaintances too. People are much more open about their weaknesses nowadays and I really find it very refreshing.

So, have a think about it… what words would your friends use to describe you and what words would your best friend use to describe you?

Best mate and I havin the craic!

Best mate and I havin the craic!


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  1. Sounds healthy to me.

  2. Thanks for following and for your comment!

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