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Lesson learnt…

May 11, 2012

A few months ago I posted about running and how much I enjoyed it. I do love it but I somehow let life, and everything else get in the way of it.

Back in November I had an injury and I had to rest up for a few weeks but once I took that break I gave into every excuse in the book to get out of going for a run.

When I tried to get back on the road a few times it was just so hard as I lost whatever fitness I had built up. I was actually starting from the beginning again and was so disillusioned about it that I kept giving up.

I’d give into any excuse.. the best one I heard myself say was that I had just washed my hair that morning so I couldn’t run that evening as I’d need to wash my hair again – and I meant every word of it!

So, I’m not sure what has happened but something has given me a kick up the arse and I am back! I may have had a gentle push by purchasing a book called Run Fat Bitch Run!

I’ve been training all week and instead of looking for time in the evening when I am juggling an hours drive home from work, picking up two children from creche, getting them to bed and sorting dinner for myself and my hubby, I am now up at 5.30am and out the door…. rain, hail or shine – and believe me, this week has brought only rain!!

So, what was my lesson learnt? It’s so much more difficult to start all over again than to just give yourself that much needed kick up the arse, get your runners on and get out there.

Anyone else found themselves stuck in a rut like this?

Run Jill, run!

Run Jill, run!


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