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Office make-over…

May 16, 2012

We spend so much of our time at the office and I have just realised that I have done little to make this space of mine my own.

I brought in a plant a few months ago which is coming along nicely and today I brought in a present I received of a Jo Malone candle (thanks Mom!). I lit it first thing this morning and my little space instantly felt happier and homely.

The second I got the scent from the candle I started to think about how I could personalise my office and make it a joy to come into each morning…. ok, that’s a bit of a stretch but if a small amount of thought could put a little smile on my face when I walk in I think it’s worth the effort.

So watch this space for my office make-over which will include some family photos, books, handmade cards by the children, photos and some nice stationary. I LOVE stationary! It’s like an addiction but I never invest in it.. I just oogle it!

I have a few idea’s up my sleeve but I’d love to hear any fan-tab-u-lous ideas to make my office less of an office!

My desk... make me over please!

My desk… make me over please!

My office - make me over please!

My office – make me over please!


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  1. If you have the space place a comfy chair away from the desk where you can have ‘time out’ to recharge.

    • I do have lots of space and it might just be a lovely thing to have if i have some reading to do… thanks for the suggestion and for reading!

  2. You need some colour there for sure. Mine is pretty standard too, but I’ve a personalised calendar of the kids, a glass paperweight, a framed pic of the boys, a blue divider which gives a bit of colour, some lovely chunky lawbooks and a view of the Dublin Mountains.

    • I have a lovely view out my window of my lovely church steeples… but deffo need to get some colour in here! thanks for the reply!

  3. Got lots of colourful bespoke boxes to help you sort out your office storage. Bright, beautiful & bespoke! Take a look at

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