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Where did the time go?

May 31, 2012

This evening I went to my daughters big-school-to-be for a parents evening. The room was filled with Moms and Dads all in the same position as me – a little apprehensive but excited to learn what was ahead of our little angels!

We learnt all about the logistics of the school day, the breakdown of the classes, the extra curricular activities. I was fully prepared for all of this.

What I was not prepared for was the surge of emotion I felt as the meeting progressed. They described what was going to happen on the first day and how I had to leave my little baby in her new surroundings.  I felt like screaming “She’s just too little for all this”.

Where did the time go?

I also learnt that from moment one, my little girl would not hear a single word of English spoken to her by any Muinteoir until Christmas of senior infants!! We chose a fantastic Gael Scoil for her to attend and we are very happy with our decision, however at the meeting last night my heart was breaking for her and the possible confusion that was going to face her.

So in order to make her progression to ‘big school’ easier we will be doing everything as gaelige and I’m quite looking forward to reconnecting with the Irish language.

Everything in the house will be stickered within an inch of its life with its Irish name and I’m going to do my very best to make sure she can at least understand part of what is going on in her first few weeks.

Anyone have any tips on getting an emotional Mommy through all this or more importantly, anyone have any tips on good websites for teaching little people the basics of Irish?

My beautiful little girl

My beautiful little girl


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  1. Hi, this is a big step indeed. But you seem to be very dedicated and i think that children have a great ability to adapt themselves. You can find an article on our blog in which we give some tips and a list of websites to learn Irish. I would add that consistency and determination help a lot. Good luck it will be fine. Stella

  2. Liosa permalink

    Hey Jill, I wrote a long comment on FB but then I deleted it! Spa! Anyway I was saying how I’ve sent both mine to Gaelscoil and really at this stage I have no idea why ALL schools aren’t through Irish as there seems to be no disadvantages whatsoever. As for speaking it yourself, I have literally no irish whatsoever and it really hasn’t held them back at all. Kids don’t seem to process language as we do, Joe didn’t really notice he couldn’t understand – the teachers are so expressive with their body language and well used to opening the little minds to the new language. After a few weeks Joe swore his teacher was speaking English, which of course she wasn’t – he was just beginning to understand her!! Mary is in secondary now and it has stood to her in all subject that require that side of the brain, and her Irish isn’t a subject she needs to worry about. Her French is excellent as well. Its a huge advantage and don’t worry too much, kids just pick it up as if its nothing. I suppose they only have five years worth of learning in those sponges of brains of theirs, so they adapt to everything so fast. Which Gaelscoil is it you have chosen? 🙂

    • Hi liosa,,

      Thanks so much for reading and for your comments. She is going to the one in Greystones.. It’s great and I know she will be fine… She’s just my little baby and now I am at this point with her I understand why it is such a big deal!

  3. Niamh permalink

    Hi Jill just randomly stumbled on your blog there all thanks to the joys of Twitter. Anyway I don’t have any kids myself so cant give any personal tips on this but I do know there are a lot of Irish language organisations and sites who will be able to give advice. Comhluadar are an organisation which helps families who are raising their children with the Irish language and they should definitely be able to help you out ( Other organisations working in this area are Gaelscoileanna ( and Forbairt Naíonraí Teoranta ( and they will definitely be able to give advice as well. Anyway. go n-éirí libh. Looking forward to hearing about your experiences!

    • Only seeing your comment now.. sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Thanks so much for all your suggestions. She has just finished a week long summer camp in the Gael Scoil and loved it. She did ask why all the teachers were talking to her in Irish and did they not realise that she couldn’t understand them yet!

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