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The Wishing Tree

July 9, 2012

What better way to break my unplanned break from blogging than with this post. I was recently moved to tears by simply standing beneath a tree. This tree was no ordinary tree though. It was a wishing tree.

I was at the festival in Ballinlough Co Westmeath over the summer solstice weekend. It is the most magical festival around with something for everyone of every age. My absolute favourite moment of the whole weekend happened when I turned a corner in The Walled Garden can came upon The Wishing Tree.

The Wishing Tree is a tree that has thousands of cards attached to ribbons hanging off its branches. There are pencils hanging from the branches too. People are invited to write their wish and tie it to the tree. So simple yet so liberating.

I stood there for five minutes in complete silence looking up into the colourful branches and realised I was very close to tears; I’m even emotional writing about it now.

I stayed there for half an hour and read some wishes.. Some were looking for more beer or to meet a beautiful woman at the festival but most were heartfelt wishes about sick loved ones, relationship issues, life struggles and a lot of people simply wishing for happiness. You could feel the positivity and hope in the air. I really could have stayed there all day.

I too added a wish to the wishing tree but that’s between me and the tree.

What would you have wished for?

Body & Soul Festival

Body & Soul Festival


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