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My Jumbo to Oz

July 11, 2012

The weather here in Ireland has been depressing all summer. We have had more rain than I care to remember and as a nation it’s really getting everyone down. No one knows what to wear, kids are couped up inside and parents are going quietly insane!

So I decided enough was enough and last Thursday announced on twitter that I was getting the hell outta Ireland and emigrating to Australia on my #JumboToOz. I then decided to ask if anyone wanted to join me.

After a quick google I found out that the average number of seats on a jumbo was 416 and so the seat sale began! The first 24 hours saw over 50 seats booked. I had 24 first class cabins available and all of these were snapped up very quickly. I even found myself a cocktail drinking co-pilot for the flight (you know who you are!). Families were bringing their horses, goldfish, cats, dogs and guinea pigs.. everyone wanted out!

I then decided to upgrade all the remaining seats to business class, provided a nanny for anyone travelling with children, a $1,000 clothes voucher for David Jones in Australia and to send a car sent to everyones house to collect them in time for the pre flight champagne get together!!

One tweeter suggested we stop at his friends new hotel in Bangkok.. we needed somewhere to refuel, so why not. People travelling on my #JumboToOz then started to request suites and rooms at the hotel.

I decided, after advice from a tweeter that Broome was my destination of choice. Many wanted to go to Cairns, Perth, Sydney and Brisbane. This was the great thing about my #JumboToOz… there were no boundaries; anyone could go where ever they wanted.

Do you know what the amazing thing is.. I really and truely think that every single person booked on my plane visualized themselves living in Australia and could actually see themselves there!

In the end I had 200+ passangers booked with 25 nannies and a Noah’s Arc full of pets. I do wonder, how many would have just dumped everything if a car really did turn up on Sunday afternoon with their tickets, $1000 voucher and the guarantee of a job and life in the sun in Oz?

Sunny in Broome

Sunny in Broome


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  1. anne-marie nulty permalink

    It’s sunny here in bettystown but ill take the e1000 and the Nanny please:)

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