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I fell in love last week…

July 31, 2012

Last week my work took me around this beautiful country of ours with an overnight in Galway. Being the modern woman that I am I decided to ask twitter where I should stay and eat in Galway! Both The House Hotel and Cava Restaurant came highly recommended so I booked away!

I arrived into Galway over an hour ahead of time which gave me an opportunity to explore Galway.. and I fell in love with it! It is such a fantastic city filled with people from all over the world taking it all in.

So I’ll bring you through my stay in Galway with a few photos…. enjoy!

My first port of call was a bar or cafe with wifi to do a bit of work on my ipad. Turns out that most of the bars and cafes have good wifi access and I plonked myself down in The Spanish Arch Bar & Restaurant… and this was my view from my temporary office whilst sipping a cold glass of white!

My temporary office at The Spanish Arch Bar

My temporary office at The Spanish Arch Bar

Whilst at The Spanish Arch I offered my spare seat to a girl laden down with a backpack, tent, pint and cigarette. She was only too delighted to sit but hadn’t wanted to ask. We got chatting and turns out she is out of work so has decided to see as much of the country as possible, hitch-hiking and camping her way around.

It was nearing dinner time so I headed back to the hotel to freshen up and what better way that with a cocktail in my hand. The Gin based cocktail was recommended to me by my lovely mixologist after he asked what sort of liquor I liked! Bombay Sapphire in case you were wondering!

Brambles cocktail at The House Hotel, Galway

Brambles cocktail at The House Hotel, Galway

So next came a stroll to my chosen restaurant over the bridge in Galway… It was a lovely dry evening so there were loads of people just chilling out and relaxing by the river. Many of them practicing my favourite past-time – watching the passing parade.

Watching the passing parade in Galway

Watching the passing parade in Galway

Whilst my mixologist friend was doing his thing we spoke about where I was going for dinner. He mentioned that Cava was excellent but that I may prefer a restaurant called Rouge. I was unsure about changing my plans as everything was going so well. So I had a sneak peek into both restaurants and decided on Rouge due to the atmosphere, no hassle menu and what greeted me on the way in!

Walkway into Rouge.. You now might understand what attracted me to Rouge!

Walkway into Rouge.. You now might understand what attracted me to Rouge!

Cava is a great tapas bar but I’m hopeless at choosing what I want to eat and Rouge, a french bistro serves just three choices on it’s menu consisting of steak (with choice of sauce and potatoes), a fish dish and a vegetarian dish. They serve an Amuse-Bouche also, all for just €15.

Amuse bouche at Rouge in Galway

Amuse bouche at Rouge in Galway

I didn’t get a chance to photograph my main (which was steak with an onion marmalade and gratin potatoes) as I started talking to another lone traveller who was sitting two barstools away. I ordered a full bottle of wine and offered her some as to drink it all myself may not have been the best plan. We struck up a conversation really easily; she was just lovely.

Anna Boyack is a 25yr old New Zealander who packed everything up two weeks ago and simply moved to Galway. Oh to have the freedom to do that again! We chatted about everything from family to Mauri and Irish culture, boys, travel, looking for work, iphones, hangovers and Instagram!

Bar in Rouge me and my new New Zealand friend ate at

Bar in Rouge me and my new New Zealand friend ate at

Anna & I then strolled over the bridge where she pointed out her lovely apartment she was renting and then she was off to a comedy night and me to bed.. it was a work trip after all!

Galway at dusk

Galway at dusk

So, I had a wonderful time in Galway and if I was to chose another city to live in in Ireland Galway would get my vote. It was so alive with people from all over the world and I just loved the energy of the place. Its a must visit city but why not try it on your own so you can take everything in.

Have you ever taken a trip on your own? Would you ever take a trip on your own?

Amazing busker in Galway.

Amazing busker in Galway.


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  1. anne-marie nulty permalink

    That sounds like heaven, I’d love to try going away by myself. X

  2. Great post Jill. Firstly I LOVE GALWAY. Probably my choice of a city other than Dublin to live in. Connemara on the doorstep. Galway is full of colour & music. Kilkenny might be my third choice.

    Anyway. Now my kids are getting older I just might abandon them & him for a night away on me todd. Sounds like you has a great time.

    Thanks. :))

    • Thanks Barbara, I really enjoyed myself and was able to take it all on with no distractions! Let me know when you’ve booked your solo trip!

  3. Made me want to visit Galway again, Jill. You make it come alive!

  4. Helen permalink

    Sounds great Jill! I would and have done some trips on my own but prefer the ones with hubby and sometimes kids (only if it’s a day trip though!!) Nice blog. xx

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