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What can I smell? What’s that noise? Ola!

August 27, 2012

I’m just back from a great family holiday in Spain and I can report we all had an absolute ball. We are fortunate to have a house out there and it is really home away from home with all the creature comforts you can desire.. even access to RTE TV and radio!

We went last year but the little fella was only one and not yet walking which was frustrating for everyone. The biggest difference was we didn’t have the all-important pool guard we now have, which meant we were on high alert the whole time last year for fear of either child falling into the pool. Having the pool guard this year meant we could completely relax, knowing they were absolutley out of harm’s way. It made such a difference.

It was so great to spend time with my family. I felt like I was watching my little people grow up right in front of my eyes. My little boy is driven and knows exactly  how he wants everything to be in his environment, just like his Mom. My little girl is strong willed but sensitive and remembers everything, also like me – although the latter bit about remembering is more like her father!

Making morning shadows

Making morning shadows

If the holiday was to have a theme it would have been “What can I smell?” “What’s that noise?” “Ola”. This is the mantra that followed us around all day!

My daughter, who is 4¾ seems to have just discovered her sense of smell and it is sooooo acute. Every single packet opened, cream applied and any type of whiff in the air was quickly followed with “What can I smell”!

The little fella who is just two was all about “What’s that noise” … every noise from a kettle boiling to a tractor at work was followed with this retort.

And finally, everyone we passed by got a big Ola from my two. We all had an Ola-fest each morning and sporadically throughout the day and they loved saying it!



It sounds like this may have been annoying, I know if I was reading it about someone else I would think it must have been head wrecking but it wasn’t! It was lovely to be so involved in their journey of discovery.

It was great to just watch them and take them all in; to watch them interacting with each other and experience new things together. They play very well together and have a lot of fun. My heart was in my mouth most afternoons when they took to couch jumping with a solid tile floor beneath but even two falls and bumps and bruises later it didn’t stop the little fella!

"My legs are gone?"  "Oh my God, mine too!"

“My legs are gone?” “Oh my God, mine too!”

How could I have forgotten the other theme…. Christmas! We brought the The Polar Express DVD with us which quickly became the early morning, late afternoon and evening viewing of choice by the little people.. EVERY DAY! At this stage we can all recite the whole film from beginning to end!

Writing her letter to Santa.... in August!

Writing her letter to Santa…. in August!

So all in all, a really great holiday which ended with my daughter whimpering in the back of a cold car in Dublin airport at midnight on Saturday night that she hated the rain and cold in Ireland and wanted to live in the sun and Spain forever……

Sunset dinner at the house...

Sunset dinner at the house…

Our Spanish square

Our Spanish square

I'll mind you...

I’ll mind you…


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