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Youthful memories of summer days…

September 4, 2012

Yesterday evening I found myself lying on the grass looking up at the passing clouds and it was so unbelievably relaxing. The sky was amazing and changed colour a hundred times within an hour. I might point out that while I was doing this I was also going sit ups, v-up and all sorts of bootcamp torture!

Beautiful evening sky over Wicklow

Beautiful evening sky over Wicklow

It brought me back to beautiful days in my teens when all I did all summer long was hang out on the green in front of my house with the rest of the kids in the neighbourhood. We would lie on the grass and gaze up at the clouds gossiping for hours on end and on many occasions would stay there till night-time when our attentions were changed to star gazing.

I was obsessed with the night sky when I was younger too and was always searching for shooting stars, planets, satellites and of course UFO’s. I’d tell myself ‘I’ll only stay five more minutes’ and if I didn’t see a shooting star or UFO in that time frame I’d search another night. I always ended up searching for much longer than five minutes.

I still appreciate the stars and love nothing more than a clear night and a few minutes on my own to stare into the unknown looking for shooting stars to wish on, satellites and the ever elusive UFO’s!

What did you enjoy doing as a kid to pass the time? When is the last time you did it? Go on, give it a go… it’s sure to evoke fantastic memories for you.

Finding cloud shapes...

Finding cloud shapes…


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