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There’s not enough for everything…

October 1, 2012

I’m a planner. I love and need to be planning the next night out, trip, day off or holiday. No sooner am I back from one of the above and I am back planning the next.

Nowadays there just isn’t enough money in the pot for everything with creche fees, mortgage and household costs so I have had to make choices about what I really want to do.Β The last quarter is also always expensive for us with both car insurances up plus one car tax, three family birthday’s and then Christmas.

So it all started off with a weekend in Europe for hubby and I in October. We, well I, settled on Estonia after doing my research and was delighted with myself. I was then reminded about our rising costs and it was downgraded.

So next plan was a three night trip to The Twelve Hotel in Galway. Again, after a lot of research into where to go in Ireland I was delighted with my decision and very excited planning trips to the Aran Islands and walks along the beach in between relaxing, eating and drinking.

Then came my longing for an SLR camera. I love taking photos and have wanted a ‘real’ camera for a while. So the research commenced on that little project. I soon realised that we couldn’t afford the three nights away and the camera… so, The Twelve was cancelled and in it’s place planned a night in without the kids sending them on a long sleep over to Granny & Grandads!

I was going to pick up my new camera this week and yes, you guessed it… something else came up.

Whilst at a family dinner we began to talk about a trip for Mom, me and my sister. It turns out Mom has never been to New York! So now I have to choose between a trip to New York and my camera; my camera I have been yearning for for ages.

And New York won! So I am in planning mode once again for a four night trip to the Big Apple. Woo Hoo!!

At the end of the day it’s all turned out well. I’m getting some quality time with himself without the kids, I’m getting to go away and, don’t tell the boy, I’ll probably buy the camera in NY anyway!



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  1. How about you get an early christmas present while you’re in NYC? Everyone club together before the real Christmas shopping hits? It’d be a little cheaper than buying here. Just a thought πŸ˜€

  2. I obviously got so excited with my clever idea that I didn’t read your last paragraph. D’oh! Great minds and all that πŸ™‚

  3. Bumbles of Rice permalink

    The planning sounds very familiar Jill, I bound from one project to the next too and spend ages planning and making the decisions, I often think if I stopped all the planning that I wouldn’t need the break as much!Sounds like you’ve come up with the winning answer to your dilemma.

    • Glad I’m not the only one Bumbles! In an ironic twist the New York trip has been moved out to Easter. We are tied to school holidays as my sister is a teacher and it was all to last minute and rushed to get a good deal for this mid term. It’s the best of both for me though as I now get my camera, my night without the kids and the trip to NY!!

  4. Buy the camera in NewYork. I bought mine last October and I am so so happy with it. I bought mine in a place on Lexington I think, sorry half information. I have a Canon EOS Rebel T21.It came with a lense but I also bought a long lense.Happy days!!
    I have only discovered your blog and enjoyed the post.

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