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What do you desire?

October 8, 2012

What is important to you? What makes you itch? How would you really enjoy spending your life?

I saw this short video/podcast entitled What if money was no object? by Alan Watts and it really made me think. I have often heard people say that they hate their jobs, if only they could make a living out of their passion.

Watts is saying you are better off to pursue your dream and to be happy for a short time than to work in a job you hate to support the life you are not enjoying. It makes sense.

“Is it better to have a short life that is full of what you like doing than a long life spent in a miserable way?”

There is of course the practicalities of needing money to live and survive. Watts’ answer to this is if you are following your dream and doing something you love the money will come.

“Somebody is interested in everything”.

So I’m wondering, what would you be doing if money was no object?

Me, I’d have a few things to choose from. I’d be a scuba diver. I’d be a Midwife. I’d be a travelling blogger with a kick ass camera.

It’s funny, I could make a nice living from all of these passions…

Sunrise at my local beach... if money was no object...

Sunrise at my local beach… if money was no object…


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  1. Is it the fear that holds us back or do we subscribe to some sort of status within our careers that satiates us. I had a very good job for 21 years and during that time i was stressed, using drugs and had a breakdown. I was working at fashion shows, doing photo shoots, and earning good money. But alas I was not fulfilled, not happy, so in 1999 with a young son and a mortgage I went back to college at night and completely changed my career, I went to work with teenage boys in a prison setting.I knew from day 1 in college that I had made a choice that would be right for me and my family. Today 13 years later I am still studying, still working with young people, happier than I’ve ever been, with a relationship that is stronger than ever. So Jill I agree with you vehemently, follow your dream don’t be burdened by fear. Live not for things but for feelings and relationships.
    thanks for that post

    • Hi Ado,

      Thanks for your comments.. That is great that you turned it all around and are happier than ever. If only everyone had the balls to do the same it would be a much happier world!

  2. Hubbie and I would travel the world
    Live in New York for a year
    Live in London for a year
    Buy an old Audi TT……don’t laugh
    emmm I think I could go on and on, great post. It made me think

  3. I, like, you have any things I’d like to do. I’d love to be a photographer and I have this burning to teach children about our world, I think they are missing out on so much with all these gadgets. Money is such an issue, but I’m starting something, better late then not at all I guess. I just wish I knew sooner.

    • sittingonthebench permalink

      Thank for your comment.. only seeing it now! All the gadgets getting in the way! T’would be lovely to be a photographer….

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