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Going all crafty…

December 6, 2012

Did anyone else think when they had children they would be baking, making cards, finger painting, scrap booking and all sorts with their little ones… well I did and it couldn’t be further from reality!

I always wanted to be a ‘crafty mom’ but there was never enough time, there would be too much mess, it’d end up in tears. All these and many more excuses would spring to mind and prevent any crafty progress.

Well something has changed. And I think it is my new found love of Pinterest that has catapulted me into becoming a Crafty Mom! I have been looking at all the lovely little bit’s and pieces I can bake and make in my home with my little people and it has really excited me.

I want to teach my children that not everything needs to be bought and show them the satisfaction of starting and finishing a project, standing back and (hopefully!) admiring your handy work.

Now, I’m taking it slowly but so far I have made some Christmas snowflake decorations; the first few snow flakes weren’t the best but each and every one will go up on the windows. I’ve made around 50 so far in all different shapes, sizes and colours. I also got my daughter involved – she cut some out and added her glitter magic to them!


First batch of glittery snowflakes

I also made a Christmas Garland for above the fireplace… I have had lots of complements on it and it was soooo easy – my five year old even helped. It was just ribbon threaded through the top of left over baubles… et voila! I’ll buy up a load of baubles in a range of colours in the sales for an even bigger Garland project next year.

Homemade Garland

Homemade Garland

So what else is on my crafty list… I am going to put some love and care into wrapping my presents this year. I’m gonna use good old brown paper, some red ribbon tied into the perfect bow (learnt on Pinterest!) and instead of cards I’ll put a photo of each person on their present. It’s these little touches that are so easy but look so great.

We will be visiting a few people over Christmas and instead of bringing wine (can’t afford the additional €1 VAT!) I’m going to bring handmade pressies when I can. I’ll try out some Caramel Chews, maybe a few Recipes in a Jar or perhaps some Christmas cookies. It won’t be rocket science but I know I’ll be so happy to give a gift I’ve made over a box of chocolates.

Time will tell!

I must say I’m really looking forward to the new crafty me… I hope I stick with it as I am really enjoy it so far, love planning it all and just love seeing the finished product.

This is the stuff memories are made of.


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  1. Love the garland, very pretty! You should do a tutorial, Id love that! Also Deal have fab Christmas craft for kids for €1.49 😉

  2. Marjorie Jeffares permalink

    Well, you are full of surprises, Jilly. Your craft results are fantastic but most of all I love your thinking… I also love your beautiful photos and your burgeoning interest in photography. Lots of hidden-until-now talent. Merry Christmas to you four. GAM x


  3. I love being crafty but unfortunately I think I am more crafty in my head

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