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“You’re not drinking? Why? Why?”

December 27, 2012

I thought it apt to be writing this post whilst sipping on my first glass of alcohol in nine weeks… yes, nine weeks!

So this is what I have been saying to EVERYONE (bar two people) all the time…

“I’m just not drinking”

“I just decided not to drink”

“I have no idea when I’ll drink again”

“Yeah, maybe I won’t ever drink again but I’m just taking each day as it comes”

“No, I’m not pregnant”

“I’m sure I’m not pregnant”

“Look I’m eating prawns, crab and medium rare steak, I’m not pregnant”

“I’m sorry that it makes you uncomfortable but I’ve just decided not to drink for a while”

Only two of my friends accepted that I just decided to give up drinking for the sake of it. No questions. No gasps. No shock. Just “good for you”. It was amazing to hear everyone’s response to my non-drinking.

Before I had my babies I used to go on a booze detox for a couple of months every year. I love getting it all out of my system and just living booze free. It has it’s ups and downs though…

I really missed the first drink of the evening, especially at my girlie Christmas party, work Christmas party and on Christmas Eve at home. Once the first drink was poured out to everyone and consumed I was fine though and enjoyed the chat and craic as much as anyone else. I chose to escape before everyone got too hammered on every occasion!

I liked that I could get up every morning without a hazy head but most of all I liked that I managed to stay off drink. I chose not to drink over the booziest time of the year and I did it!

So why did I do it? I want to lose weight and I recently read a quote from someone “Don’t drink your calories” and it makes so much sense. I wanted to challenge myself and see if I could do it. I wanted to rid alcohol out of my system. Those are my reasons.

So, I’m on my couch with the fire blazing, Christmas tree lit and drinking a few glasses of red with greasy fingers from eating crisps! I’m really enjoying it and will probably drink again for the next few days and then go on the dry in the New Year.

For how long? I’ll take each day as it comes!

For the moment though…. Slainte.


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  1. Minnie Mélange permalink

    That’s a really interesting post. I don’t drink and haven’t done for nearly two years. The reasons? I’m a little smaller than the average person, (3′ 5″, in fact) and it takes so little for me to have the one too many that it just didn’t seem worth it. The calories element which you mentioned, plays a part too!

    However, as an Irish girl in their early twenties – it’s almost unheard of. I recently started my Masters and with thirteen people, of a similar age, in my class. They each looked at me like I had three heads when they discovered that I didn’t drink. They asked similar questions that you mentioned above and justifying my decision not to drink was almost a chore. Thankfully, after several college nights out, they have finally come to grips with it.

    Will I ever drink again? Maybe. For now though, I’m perfectly happy being sober Sinéad.

    – Sinéad

    • It’s amazing isn’t it! Thanks for reading and commenting and the best of luck with your Masters and drink free living!!

  2. Marjorie Jeffares permalink

    What amazing willpower – well done Jilly. B U T did you lose much weight? I do that for lent, or choose any month, but the scales doesn’t move a pound (or kilo!) which is very disappointing. I hope it worked for you…. Near enough to New Year to wish you a very happy one. I hope all your dreams come true. Love, GAM x


    • No booze and a diet helped me lose 19lbs. I’m up another 4lbs as am just living life over Christmas! Hope you’re having a lovely time down under and a Happy New Year to you too!!! xxx

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