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Going it alone…

January 9, 2013

I am a social being and really enjoy nothing more than being in the thick of a great group of people. Society says that we should nearly always be with another person for fear of looking like we have no friends or a loner. The only acceptable past times to partake in alone appear to be walking and running and even then many chose to have a friend with them.

I enjoy being alone sometimes. I have some friends that hate it. They get jittery and find themselves reaching for their phones to organise company at the mere mention of it.

On Monday night I had dinner all on my own. I went to a concert all on my own. I said no to joining others for a drink afterwards all on my own. I had a fantastic night, all on my own.

This evening on my own came about very spontaneously. I was desperately looking for tickets to go see Gary Barlow in The Olympia but couldn’t find any. Then at 4.30pm on the day of the gig one ticket became available. I didn’t hesitate for one second and jumped at it!

Dinner was in Crackbird. A fantabulous and trendy chicken joint in Dublin where whole and half chickens are served in buckets with sides. I sat beside a gay couple and, because I was on my own, secretly observed their relationship dynamic as I ate my half chicken with my fingers.

I just took it all in. I observed everyone and everything. I was in the moment.

Crackbird Dublin

Crackbird Dublin

Soy & Garlic Half Chicken with Slaw at Crackbird

Soy & Garlic Half Chicken with Slaw at Crackbird

I then went along and joined the Q to get into The Olympia to see Gary Barlow perform. I was so excited to get a last minute ticket via a request I put out on twitter… twitter can solve almost everything. So I headed into the venue and found a perfect space in front of a barricade for me to lean on and only three meters from the front of the stage.

Everyone had someone with them. Except me and, ironically, the guy standing beside me. I knew he was on his own and he knew I was on my own but I resisted to urge to strike up a bit of friendly chat. I was happy being on my own. A group of 40yr old women shuffled up beside me and I was so tempted on may occasions to answer some of their questions they were asking each other. I knew the answers and would normally pipe up but I held back and just let them figure it out for themselves.

The warm up act came on. Everyone appeared to paused for a few minute and then resumed talking. I instead stood and listened to her sing and chat. Her name is Nell Bryden and she was fabulous. She gave a lovely little intro to each song; what it meant to her and where it came from. Here is one of her songs that I really liked It’s not like loving you.

Nell Bryden

Nell Bryden

Then came the main act. Gary. Oh Gary! He was brilliant. He took to the stage with a magnificent twinkle in his eyes, had lots of energy, banter and didn’t take himself too seriously.

And best of all, I got to watch every moment of it without being distracted by anyone. OK, I admit, I sent a few tweets but that was it. Gary had my full attention for the concert. I’d only love to be able to say that he noticed!!

Gary Barlow, Dublin 7 Jan 2013

Gary Barlow, Dublin 7 Jan 2013

Gary Barlow, Dublin 7 Jan 2013

Gary Barlow, Dublin 7 Jan 2013

So what’s the moral of this post…. do some stuff on your own every now and then. Plug out from your phone – I am a slave to mine and it is one of my resolutions to lift my head from my phone more often than I do.

Take in your surroundings. Savour everything. There is a lot happening around us that we are missing out on.


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  1. CustardCreamNut permalink

    Great post – need to take some of your advice myself. Enjoy my own company but spend too much time on my phone when alone.

  2. Andy permalink

    Nice post. There’s nothing like a little ‘me time’ every now and then, particularly when you have kids!

  3. GAM permalink

    You constantly amaze me – so (boring word!) sensible. It’s all about taking time out to be grounded/smell the roses. Go Jilly. Love ya! GAMx

  4. I really enjoyed this post. You are right we do spent too much time being busy instead of spending some quality time we outselves. Sounded like you had a great night!

  5. As a single girl with all my friends coupled-up, I often have to do stuff on my own. Went to Montreal and Quebec City on my own a few years back (I had been there before, not THAT brave!) but it was great. If I wanted to talk to someone, I could strike up a conversation, and if I didn’t, I didn’t. Gives you lots of time to think, observe and enjoy.

  6. Great post – I once spent a summer in London where everybody else was at work all day- I loved setting out every day & exploring new places; watching Rankin photograph random people in Brick Lane, eating macaroons in Harrods or lying under a tree in Hyde park reading ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’. However, I’m much less inclined to do things on my own in Cork- because you’ll just end up meeting people you know anyway!

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