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It’s the little things…

January 20, 2013

It is most definitely the little things that make me very happy but it is also the little things that drive me mad! This post will not be particularly positive.. it’s more of a moany post – everyone needs a good moan every now an then.

So, what are those little things that really get under my skin… brace we go!

  • It drives me around the twist that all our medicine is kept in a press that I cannot reach with out a chair. Yes, it does need to be out of reach for the children but not that high. All I have to do is move it to a press slightly lower down and I haven’t all these years.
  • I hate it when people leave the milk out – I don’t even drink milk so it won’t effect me at all – it’s just the act of not putting it away that I don’t get?
  • Please put your teabags in the bin and not the sink.
  • A dripping tap – why would you leave a tap dripping?
  • Is there really a need to slobber all over your finger to turn a page of a newspaper? Fine if you are the only one to read it but if it is in a shared environment.. you get the drift.
  • Eating loudly.. well I don’t think I am alone on this one. There is absolutely no reason for it. Just chew with your mouth shut please.
  • I hate it when I forget something and have to turn back. This is happening more frequently as I am juggling more – well that’s what I’m blaming it on anyway.
  • If I call you can you please turn the TV/radio in the background down? It’s nearly impossible for me to hear what you’re saying let along think about what I’m trying to say with all that noise in the background.

OK, I might just leave it there. I fear I could go on forever if I don’t put a halt to this one!

Again, it really doesn’t take very much at all to make my heart soar with joy so I’m not all glum!

What are the little things in life that get under your skin?

Teabag in the sink

Teabag in the sink


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  1. My pet moan is when used mugs etc. are left on the draining board and not loaded in the dishwasher. There is NO dishwasher fairy (except me) that will come along to complete the chore!

  2. CustardCreamNut permalink

    * when empty cartons/products are put back in fridge/press. The other day I even found an empty banana skin put back in the fruit bowl.

    * used cotton buds put in bedside locker and not the bin. No explanation needed as to the rage felt on this one.

    * black socks found everywhere. In the bed. Under the bed. Stuffed behind the rads. Down the back of the sofa. Bedside locker. You get the idea.

    * the sink being filled with water and dirty dishes (even though we have a dishwasher) and then just left to go cold and rotten. I HATE having to put my hand into manky/slimy water to take the plug out, rinse the dishes and put them in the dishwasher where they should have gone in the first place.

    * when people call to the house – see that you’re not dressed – the baby needs changing – the dishwasher needs emptying and they sit there waiting to be offered a cup of tea instead of asking if I need a hand with anything. Not talking about the queen visiting but family. Only last week I offered my mother a cup of tea and she said… ‘Only if you have a biscuit to go with it.’ Deep breaths!

    * himself turning the heating off when I’ve only just turned it on.

    That felt good. Thanks for that Jill. Vent and a half! Xx

  3. I blame the baby brain on forgetfulness, it lasts forever after preganacy 😉 Tea bags in the sink drive me nuts too, esp when the bin is only another step or two away! x

  4. If you left out the medicine press I would have thought your were talking about your other half…lol. I am with you on all of these…..It’s good to have a moan sometimes

    • I actually wanted to avoid looking like I was bitching about himself, that’s a whole new post and would be much longer! These are just things that others do that really irritate me… And some I actually do to myself!

  5. Haha great post love a good vent!!:)

  6. Great post Jill 🙂 I hate the three radios on the house with nobody listening to any of them. there is enough noise here.

    Also the teabag thing drives me crazy. And when someone empties the tumble drier into a basket without folding the clothes so things that shouldn’t need ironing do. GRRR.

    I am a culprit too though and there are lots of things that I do myself that drive me mad. The hotpress is disaster zone and every time I open it something falls on my head. I did laugh at your medicine cabinet one though, that’s your job for next weekend, I’ll be checking on you!

  7. Humanity, my pet hate is humanity there i said it….

  8. My main rant at the moment is asking others to close they door after them & keep the heat in and am constantly asking kids to turn off the lights after they leave a room, I am beginning to sound like my own Mum Your post nails it on so many pet hates

  9. MixedMessages permalink

    You might consider a different perspecive on the teabag concern – or even perspectives.

    There are those who can deal with teabag drying in the sink as it is preferable to a wet kitchen bin building up aroma over time and then dripping all the way when carried to the outside bin. [That was me]

    To ease the pressure build up by the little teabag thing, why not a little teabag saucer near the sink. This will also satisfy those who assume that you are composting the teabags.

    We use a metal IKEA pot (retailed for flower pots) for peelings and teabags.

    One little thing less……

  10. MixedMessages permalink


    Although not as large a little thing as interchanging practice and practise, there is this little thing about using affect and effect appropriately

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