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The eternal search…

January 26, 2013

Everyone is looking for that quick fix to staying slim. We all know exactly how to lose weight and maintain the weight loss but it’s just not that black and white. People eat for a whole load of reasons beyond hunger and maintaining life. There is absolutely a link between food an our emotions, especially for the fairer sex.

I have fallen pray to every diet imaginable. They include Weight Watchers, The Cabbage Soup Diet, The South Beach Diet, The Atkins Diet, The Low GI Diet, The 7 Day Zone Diet, Motivation Weight Loss, The Dukan Diet and most recently LighterLife. There have been more I’m sure of i!

Some of my diet books!

Some of my diet books!

All of the above involved buying at least one book, three involved weekly meeting in groups and on my own, two involved a whole lot of money and one involved food packs to add water to. On two diets I lost two stone but unfortunately they were the same two stone! All involved stepping on the scales and, if I was good that week, I left lighter.

You can see I am a sucker for punishment so it would be remiss of me not to try the latest fad diet. The Fast Diet. This involves eating as normal for five days and ‘fasting’ for two. Now, when I heard about this diet I was up on my high horse about fasting for two days.

I then realised you are allowed 500cals on your ‘fast’ days. Completely doable but for the life of me I cannot see how you lose weight on this, especially if you just eat as normal the other five days?

I suppose it depends on what your ‘normal’ is. My ‘normal’ isn’t too bad but I’m a sucker for Jelly Beans and chocolate of any kind. I have done the no carb thing so often it doesn’t really bother me if I have them or not and for the majority of the time the only carbs I have is basmatti rice and a few crackers. Pasta and bread are not my friend so I try to stay away for the most part.

So, I’m giving it a shot in the name of research! I’m starting The Fast Diet tomorrow, Sunday 27th January. I want to lose just over a stone. I lost over a stone just before Christmas so I’ve lost the easy-to-lose weight already which means this won’t be fast at all.

This is my plan…

I have uploaded the MyFitnessPal app to calculate my calorie intake on my 500 days. It is very easy to add an extra 100cals if you’re not careful and if I’m gonna do this I’ll stick to the rules. I love rules in dieting, that’s why I’m a little afraid that only two days of rules a week won’t be enough for me!.

I’ve attached my lunch and dinner choice for my first 500cal day and I’ll also have a microwaved egg for breakfast. Not a bad amount of food for 500cals.

Fast day lunch

Fast day lunch

Fast day dinner

Fast day dinner

My 500cal days are going to be Tuesday and Thursday as I exercize Monday and Wednesday and I don’t want to try to run with only 500cals in me. I’ve done it before on other diets and it just doesn’t work.

I’m going to be as good as I can on Monday and Wednesday then eat to my ‘normal’ on Friday, Saturday and Sunday! I’m also off the booze for a bit so that should help me.

So, here I go. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, I mean lost!

Anyone else doing the Fast Diet? #FastDietIrl


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