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Tick, tock, tick, tock.

February 17, 2013

My whole life revolves around an awareness of time. I’m sure most people are the same.

I work in PR. I don’t have a physical product for sale. It is simply my valuable time that I sell. I need to be acutely aware of the time I am spending working with each client and keep timesheets to keep track of this. So awareness of the time is very important in my working life, without it clients would be even more grossly over serviced and I would be out of pocket!

I have two small-ish children so time is everything with them. How long do I let the little fella sleep during the day. What time will I let them get out of bed in the morning. What time is too late to stay up. What on earth time is it in the middle of the night when they wake. What time will they eat. I must rush to make it back in time to collect them from creche or school…. and it goes on and on..

I sit in traffic commuting to and from work and only recently calculated that I spend a minimum of 12hours a week in my car getting to and from the office. That is nearly 25 days and nights a year. Nearly a full month of simply driving to the office. This is my biggest waste of time.

So how do I spend my time well? I really enjoy spending time running but find it difficult to find the time to do it. Oh the irony. Running is time well spent as it is an investment in myself. I enjoy spending time cooking, sometimes! I enjoy spending time watching telly and chilling with a glass of wine. I enjoy spending time with my children when I have no other time pressures on me to be anywhere else. I also enjoy spending time with friends – without our children! I like to spend time surrounded by nature with a camera in my hand.. down at the beach especially.

I spent nearly two years travelling in 2001 and remember removing my watch before I left. The only time I wore a watch in the whole two years was when I worked as a dive instructor as it was completely necessary. I worked for five months while I was away so I was aware of the time for the most part however I spent three months travelling Thailand and didn’t have a clue what time it was for those blissful few months. I ate when I was hungry, slept when I was tired and drank when I fancied a drink! I’d give anything to get back to that time.. it was so precious.

Time can fly. Time can take forever. If you are waiting for something it nearly stands still. Time can be precious. Time can be horrendous to endure but above all, once time is gone, it’s gone. You can never get that exact time back. So it’s probably worthwhile doing something enjoyable and meaningful with the little time we really do have.

How do you like to spend your time?

Some valuable time with my little people

Some valuable time with my little people


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  1. Lovely blog post, and gorgeous pic of your kids. Times flies, I know because sometimes I look at my boys (10 & 12) and think oh my god where has the time gone. It is scary how fast they grow.

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