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Twilight twitter temptation

April 10, 2013

My phone was recently stolen whilst on a four day break in the lovely city of Lisbon, Portugal (blog to follow). Those who know me would think that this was the worst news ever; Jill, without her phone! I would have agreed with them, until it actually happened.

So what do I use my phone for? A typical day of me with my phone is as follows…

  • Wake in the middle of the night and check my phone for the time
  • If I can’t get back to sleep I’ll pop into Twitter to see whats happening. I’ll also check Facebook and Instagram and if I really can’t sleep it’s onto Pinterest for a bit!
  • Check what time it is in the morning when my little people wake me
  • Check whats happening on Twitter, Facebook and my work email
  • I’ll check app
  • Respond to work emails
  • Take a sunrise photo, or two
  • Instagram the photos and post them to twitter and facebook
  • Bitch on twitter about the traffic on the N11 (via suri or when stopped of course)
  • Once I get into work I sometimes need to recharge my phone already from the amount of use
  • Whilst in work I have all my apps on my screen so don’t rely too heavily on it
  • I might spot something nice to photograph and will then Instagram and tweet it
  • I check my calendar numerous times every day
  • I’ll also check the weather app to see what the day/week ahead has in store for us
  • Once home I’ll have twitter running in the background till I go to bed;, constantly checking it and tweeting with people
  • My children will play a game or two on it
  • I’ll then have one last check of all my apps before plugging it in beside my bed ready to start all over again

So when you see how dependent I am on my phone you can understand how I might not be too happy without it for five whole days.

Surprisingly the opposite happened. It was lovely not to have it. I am normally afraid that I am missing out on something important or breaking news by not being on twitter but I managed just fine without it. Now, saying that, I did log on once or twice from my sisters phone to just have a quick check – but it was just that.. just to see if anyone had messaged me and that was it.

I also enjoyed not having access to my work emails. I can safely say that it is the first time since mobile access to emails has been available that I have gone away and not actually had any contact with the office. It was great but I must admit I was glad to be able to check my email on my return before coming into work on Monday morning. I know there are people out there who switch off from Friday evening til Monday morning but that’s just not me or the way my business works.

I thought not having my phone at my side at night time would be terrible, how would I know the time? The hotel had an alarm clock that performed this function beautifully and it meant that I didn’t have to move to see the time and fell back asleep without any ‘twitter temptation’.

One element of not having my phone that I loved was spending time with the children without being interrupted by texts, calls, alerts etc. I went out with them on Sunday afternoon and just told himself I’d see him later. It was lovely not having the ability to check-in and to give 100% to my little people.

So what have I learnt from my time away from my beloved phone?

  • I have decided to get a digital clock for my bedside and will banish my phone to the living room at bed time. 
  • I have decided to limit my time on twitter and other apps in the evenings
  • I have decided to turn off my work email when I am away on leave and only check it every second day rather than every time I open my phone
  • I have decided when I am with my little people to banish my phone to the off mode (I’ll allow myself a few sneaky photos of them though!)

I think this is probably normal behavior for most people but you can see how much I am on my phone so I think these changes will make a big difference to me and my family life too.

The only thing that annoyed me about not having my phone was that I couldn’t take photos with it however that is something I will never crack down on!

Central Lisbon - The last photo I took with my phone before it was stolen

Central Lisbon – The last photo I took with my phone before it was stolen


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  1. Marjorie Jeffares permalink

    I will admire you FOR EVER if you can keep to those resolutions!! You don’t seem very different to my four who (I consider) are TOTALLY addicted to their BiPs (= bloody i phones). God help the world if “friends” are more important than your families….. And my favourite line is “the most important gift you can give is your time” but to “twitterers and facebookers”?????? Anyway, am back off my hobby-horse… Tell me about “bonding” with your Ma and Sis over four days? Love yez all and can’t wait to see you in (about) five weeks. oxo

    • Ah Marg, I’ve a will of iron… I’ll stick to it for at least a week! Yes I know it’s sad to have our heads in our phones all the time so hopefully I can change that a little bit! See you sooooon!

  2. Olivia Collins permalink

    Love this post and can utterly and completely understand the horror of the thought of losing a limb – I mean iPhone…I can tick everyone one of those iPhone-addict symptoms though I can also add the morning use of YouTube and Peppa Pig for allowing me 10 uninterrupted minutes in the shower!
    My favourite resolution is leaving the phone in the living room and getting a digital clock. Will buy one on Saturday – I just need to stick a reminder on my phone, oh! and delete the app that I use ‘meditation for slumber’ – maybe I am a hopeless case…

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