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What scares you?

April 18, 2013

It has been unbelievably windy in Dublin the past two days with gusts of up to 120km per hour. I am not scared of many things but I am terrified by strong winds. I am just so scared that a tree will fall on my car or a piece of flying debris will come flying at me and take me out.

I was driving home from town last night at around 9.30 and had to stop to put petrol in my car. The wind was so strong it took three attempts, two hands and two feet to open my door to get out to put the petrol in. I usually fill my car up but stopped half way as I was terrified that part of the forecourt was going to fly at my head and kill me!

It’s the suddenness and tragedy of it all… I can even see the headlines in the paper about it…

When I am in my house I am scared. I’m scared that the slates will fly off the roof or the SKY antenna will go flying off. I’m scared that the children will wake too!! Others can huddle under the blankets happy that they are sheltered but I just hate it! Give me pouring rain any day over howling winds.

This may sound a bit dramatic but maybe my destiny is to go suddenly… I could handle that in another 60 years but not now thank you!

What scares you?

A quick addition following a comment from Caitriona in Wholesome Ireland. She mentioned that her fears have increased since having children and it is so true. Everything is different after having children. There is more to be lost if something tragic happens and I think in the multi-media world we now live in we see every day how random incidences take people’s lives so suddenly.



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  1. I think as a parent your fears multiply by the number of children you have! I’ve too many to mention. 😉

  2. I developed fears after having my baby. Was fearless before that!! Very hard to get used to these irrational movies of me dying/my husband dying/my baby dying. It usually involves zombies but lately I’ve had awful WW3 fears over this North Korea thingy.

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