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Pre-loved stuff

May 2, 2013

I was talking to a few people in the 20’s about the latest phenomenon of everyone selling everything they no longer need. They looked at me blankly. I then realised it must be just a 30+ thing to do.. Almost everyone I know in that age bracket is selling off items of value, no longer used, bought in the boom!

Selling ‘stuff’ has been made even easier by sites like,, and now a lot of towns/ areas have their own Buy and Sell Facebook pages.

I am a member of the Greystones Buy and Sell Facebook page and it is brilliant and slightly addictive to watch too! You can buy everything from a buggy, to a fireplace, cookers, door frames, clothes and my personal favourite so far, a uni-cycle. There is a reserve price put on each item by the seller and the bidding commences. It is moderated and there are rule watchers a watching to make sure everything is above board!

It is a lovely community. Everyone is very helpful if you are looking for something in particular and it also helps you meet people in your community, be it online or through a sale.

So far I have sold an iPhone4s, two old nokia phones, a buggy, a coffee table and some photo frames. I have made a total of €865 in the sale of these items and I am just about to close a deal on a bike and a buggy travel bag to add another €110 to my total. That’s nearly €1,000 for stuff I no longer use or need. In this day and age that money is a big help.

I currently have a couch, a girls and a boys bike and three tall office presses up for sale and hope to sell these in the coming days. (anyone looking for a lovely red three seater couch for €300 ono?!)

There are certain things I won’t bother selling and would prefer to donate them to charity. I recently donates a bin bag of children’s books and another three bin bags full of toys to the local St Vincent de Paul shop.

I brought my daughter with me and enjoyed the lesson that it taught her; not everyone goes to Smyth’s to buy their toys. I could have sold these bits and pieces, many do but it would probably have taken ages and I’d prefer to donate when I can.

So, have you ever sold anything online? Do you have anything to sell? Bet you do!


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