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What would a therapist say?

May 30, 2013

I have often thought wouldn’t it be interesting to get my blog analysed by a psychotherapist. What would my wanderings say about me as a person?

Most bloggers put a bit of thought and time into their posts. I do too, but this is how it happens for me: A thought springs to mind. I write. I add a photo. I read. I post. I spot spelling mistakes. I re-post. The End.

This blog really is an extension of my busy brain and my endless quest to be a better me! Reading back on my posts from the last year I’m seeing the countless times I tried to lose weight, get fit, start meditating.

Every time I wrote these posts I fully believed that I was going to do whatever it was I was striving for. If you read my blog from beginning to end I and believed that I stuck to all my assertions you would not be remiss to assume I was a near perfect person!

Yet here I sit, the same weight, no meditation done, slightly fitter (blog post to follow!), I’m checking my phone as much as I ever did, even more actually now that I am selling everything I own!


I haven’t filled out a doner card, nor have I added as much as I would have liked to my children’s blogs and the little things still absolutely annoy the crap out of me!


I must admit that I do enjoy writing my blog and I wish I did so more often. I have a lot of ramblings in this head of mine but I need to make this a priority. Maybe I should even plan a few ahead of time…… nah, that’s not how this rolls!

So, if you have a blog how do you think a therapist would analyse yours? Or, if you have any insights on mine please share!


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  1. Orlagh permalink

    Give yourself a break Jill. Perfection and the pursuit of it is highly over-rated! You are a wife another to two young kids with a demanding career to boot! Don’t sweat the small stuff. You are fab just as you are!

  2. Anne-Marie Nulty permalink

    You are a normal person:-)

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