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Our rotting society…

June 14, 2013

I am shocked and appalled to learn that a 20 year old woman with Down Syndrome who was separated from her Mother whilst out jogging in Dublin’s South Circular Road was brought to a house by a man and sexually abused for over an hour. What is wrong with people?? I have no words for how sad and angry this makes me.

That poor woman must have been told that he was going to help her, to call her family from his house. What sort of depraved monster would take advantage of a vulnerable woman like that? Why oh why couldn’t someone else have come across that woman?

I would like to believe we are a helping society with just a few bad apples. But there are more and more revelations and stories about the rotten apples that are filtrating our society.

I am no saint but what I am proud of is always putting myself out to help others that may appear to be in distress and I find it hard to understand why others don’t do the same. I saw a woman at a bus stop the other day watching a blind man and his guide dog trying to navigate under the shelter as it was raining. She watched him walk straight into the shelter rather than help him… I just don’t get that?

I see and help blind people quite a lot actually but I don’t understand why it is up to me to change my direction to help these people simply cross the road as others pay no notice to them. I have stopped at accidents to see if I can assist and would regularly offer assistance to women juggling children or older people juggling bags in shopping centres.

It really doesn’t take a lot of time to stop and ask someone if they need some help.

I hope that poor woman is surrounded by caring and decent people and is never exposed to the rotten part of our society again.


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  1. Its just awful that this can happen and that no one was around to prevent it.

    I too stop and try help people, but I am conscious that we don’t live in a ‘safe’ society anymore; how do we teach our kids to help, who to help, what to help and what to be careful of….. ?

  2. I read somewhere that whatever you do as an individual there will always be a balance of good and evil in the world. Sobering thought.

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