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Skinny people must think we are so stupid

July 10, 2013

I’m completely fed up. The cause? My weight. I can hear some saying “well then do something about it”. What I say to that is that I have, with great success and expense on multiple occasions “done something about it” but unfortunately I just keep finding the same 2 stone over and over.

I need to lose 2 stone very badly. I am just back from holiday’s and I have turned into that person that doesn’t want her photo taken. I found myself deleting photos of myself which I have never done.

I have no issue with people being whatever weight they want to be as long as they are happy. I am not happy. I’m really quite unhappy with how I look. So I need to take the bull by the horns and sort this out.

What I really need is to have myself plastered across the media for all to see and to be shamed and pressured into sticking to and maintaining a healthy and manageable weight. I’ve often thought if I was on TV I’d never let myself get to the stage that I’m at as public scrutiny would keep me in check.

I have done every diet imaginable but am thinking about possibly giving Slimming World a go. I have been hearing lots of good stories from successful slimmers and it doesn’t seem to cost the world either.

I know I am not alone in this battle. Only yesterday fellow blogger Paula wrote this post on exactly the same thing.

I think what is needed is a 2stone weightloss club. I think it is us 2-stoners who battle with the bulge and y0-yo back and forth the most. Why is that? Why do we go to all that hard work, feel ecstatic that we have got to our goal and then have a 6 month celebration and end up back at square one? Skinny people must think we are so stupid!

I have a theory, well this is what happens to me. I lose the weight, get compliments galore about how fab I look and questions on how much weight I’ve lost… this seems to trigger an eating response  like no other. I con myself into thinking that I have acquired some sort of skinny person immunity to calories and the eating commences.

I hear of people who have lost two stone in the last three months and I find myself counting back the months and thinking, why the hell didn’t I start in April.. that time has flown by. Why didn’t I just cop on back then? I’d be slimmer and happier now.

I really don’t want to be thinking in October, why didn’t I start in July, so here goes, again. Wish me luck and if you do see me a stone or two lighter, what ever you do, don’t tell me I look great!


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  1. Dee Rooney permalink

    Is it still ok to say ‘I’m fat’? Maybe it’s just me, but saying ‘I’ve put on some weight’ sounds like I’m distancing myself from the fact that I’m fat… like this weight is a separate entity when it’s not..
    Good luck with your new regime!

  2. Hey,
    So Ive an idea perhaps.. Are you into running, group sports, gym workouts?
    Ive just taken up Bootcamp Ireland the last 8 weeks with my besty – who hates the gym; hated working out; until we started this together.
    I found that by making a financial commitment, I HAVE to go to it!
    Its three times a week and great craic I have to say.
    I love going to the gym and being active and never thought I would be into a bootcamp thing.. but Ive totally noticed the difference and love hanging out with my besty plus the group that goes are just lovely.
    Other option: have you ever tried You input your weight and measurements, say what you want to get down to ( 2stone loss) then input all your food and exercise and it tells you what you have achieved or under achieved for that day… so every day you ate this amount you’d be 7stone by now.. or 70 stone by now!!
    Let me know how you get on, or need anything

    • Hi Rachel, Yes I did Bootcamp for nearly two years. It’s great! I’ve decided I’m going to develop my own plan. Tired of paying money to the weighloss industry. I’m going to own this myself and be the champion of my own success at no expense.

      That’s the plan, now to develop my plan! It will involve myfitnesspal and an exercize plan. Think I’ll join Wicklow Tri and see where that takes me!

      Thanks for reading and your advice. Lets hope my plan works!

  3. rachel permalink

    you shouild get a skipping rope and rowing machine if you can actually manage to stick to these, that’s half the battle. Friend of mine owns Crossfit ireland and he swears on rowing machine above everything for over all toning
    Best of luck.. will be dying to hear how it all goes

  4. Never give up!

  5. Cara McDermott permalink

    It’s like you read my mind! Great read. Good luck. I hit 40 last Thurs – had great hopes to be FAB BY FORTY, instead it’s going to be Fab in my forties!!! Best of luck. C

  6. I know the feeling. My weight has gone between 7 and 9 stone the past few years (I’m very short) over and over again. I started 5:2 in May and am finding it manageable, but not with dramatic results. A few kilos gone after two months, but not as much as I’d heard. It is the easiest diet I’ve found to fit in with my lifestyle as a food blogger though.

  7. Grá permalink

    I follow lots and lots and lots of Fitness gurus and fitness motivational tweeps and they are forever reminding me to “eat clean” sometimes it really works as a reminder not to eat those 4 choccy digestives I was about to dive into, and of course you do need a cheat day! Good luck with it all

  8. Hi Jill, I don’t know if it’s any help but a friend of mine is a personal trainer with a gym in Grand Canal Dock. He was obese in the past so he has great insight into being overweight and the issues that go with that. If you Google Andy Kenny Fitness you’ll find him.
    Whatever you end up doing, best of luck! It’s hard to strike a balance between enjoying life and always eating the right, healthy thing.

  9. For me after realizing that I too was fat I had no idea how to change it. But the doctors assistant told me to change some of the things I was eating. Sounds simple right? Wrong. But I have begun to change some of what I eat and have lost a little weight but have a lot more to go.

    • Good woman… it’s a tough old rollercoaster we are on. I’m making my own plan to suit me and my life.. I’ll post once I have it sorted!

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