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My Plan My Way

July 25, 2013

Referring back to my last post, I am going to give this weight loss thing a go on my own. I’m not going to pay a multi-million euro slimming company my hard earned money to help me with my weight. I’m going solo!

So I’ve taken everything that I have learnt from the multitude of programmes that I have been on and put all the bits that work into one place!

Most of the weight loss programmes I have been on have been drastic with immediate weight loss results. That is going to be the hardest element for me to deal with, putting in the effort and not seeing 3-4lbs come off every week. BUT, I have to make this my life time plan and I hope if, I stick to the rules below that I will, over a period of six months, lose the two stone I so badly want gone and keep it off for good.

My Rules.

  • Reduce calorie intake to 1500 – 1600kcals per day – science says if I do this I have to lose 1lb per week
  • Two large glasses of water pre breakfast, lunch and dinner – to fill me up
  • No eating between getting home to dinner time – I could consume 2,000 calories in this time alone!
  • Smaller portions – I eat lumberjack portions at the moment!
  • Don’t drink calories – such an easy thing to forget, drinks contain calories too, particularly the alcoholic type
  • Drink  alcohol only on weekends and stick to G&T’s
  • No white bread or pasta
  • Stop snacking on the children’s crackers – tuc crakers are just so nice but it’s also so easy to eat 20!
  • Stop snacking after dinner – again, another 2,000 calories could easily be put away at this time!
  • Exercise for 4+ hours every week – I have approx 116 hours in every week that I am awake – I can fit 4/5 hours in for exercise
  • One day is treat day where I can have some chocolate, sweets or crisps – I need to be very careful not to overdo it here though as this could very easily be my downfall
  • Try to get out for a walk each lunch time for 20 mins – a double whammy of clearing my head and getting body moving!
  • Weigh myself every Monday morning – making me stick to my plan over the weekend

My day.

So what will I be eating? Here’s a snapshot. I’m a creature of habit so I am happy to have a small range of options to chose from and I really enjoy all of the foods listed below. Everyone needs a treat now and then. Mine will be dark chocolate and peanut butter! I love peanut butter on apple or anything to be honest!

  • Breakfast – 2 x eggs/ grapefruit/ granola
  • Snack – Fruit/ yogurt/ veg & humus/ nuts
  • Lunch – Salad/ Potato/ rice meal/ soup/ fruit/ veg
  • Snack – Fruit/ yogurt/ veg & humus/ nuts/ popcorn
  • Dinner- Brown rice/ egg noodles/ veg/ meat/ fish/ stirfry dinners/ roast dinners

My exercise.

Exercise will form a big part of the plan. I can reduce my calories to lose weight but I need to get my body moving to assist that process and to eventually tone up once the flab is out of the way.

The exercise time is my time to myself; I am always happier when I am exercising and that, after all is what this is about. I want to be happy about how I look and feel. My exercise plan will look a bit like this:

  • Monday – Yoga in the morning & Core x 20 mins in the evening
  • Tuesday – Yoga in the evening
  • Wednesday – 5k Run in the morning
  • Thursday – Yoga in the morning
  • Friday – 5k run
  • Saturday – 5k+ Run & core x 20mins
  • Sunday – Yoga

I’m taking up yoga in a big way. It’s for my mind more than my body but I figure that my body can only benefit from it! Looking at the exercize plan it does look a lot but if you take the four hours of yoga out of it it is 2.5hrs of running and core work a week which, on paper appears doable!

I’ll need to take advantage of the mornings as evening are busy times in our house and I rarely feel like heading out to exercise at 8.30pm. So I’ll be setting my alarm and whilst you are all sleeping I’ll have done my bit for the day!

My goal.

My goal is to lose 1.5stone and I’m setting myself a benchmark of 1-2lb per week. So if I reach this benchmark every week I will be at my target by Christmas. I’ve set 7lbs goals to meet along the way, the first of which is the second week in September.

So, here I go. Wish me luck and if you have any advice I’d be glad to hear it!


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  1. Marjorie Jeffares permalink

    Wow Jilly. That is a fantastic timetable. I am sure you will do it and I am full of admiration. Go Jill.

  2. Jackson permalink

    Great post as always but you spelt exercise incorrectly!

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