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Another t-shirt for the PJ drawer…

August 6, 2013

Someone recently said to me that battling with weight is a mind Vs body fight and more than often the body wins. My body always bounces back to my current weight. It likes being this weight. This is what feels natural for it. This makes sense to me and explains why it is such a battle to keep the weight off with my body longing for those extra pounds.

So two and a half weeks have passed on My Plan My Way diet and I’m no lighter. I feel better, but the scales are not shifting. I’m told I look slimmer and have a glow. But the scales are not shifting.

I am very very close to signing up to SlimmingWorld and have just called them for a chat about the programme. I am gutted that my plan isn’t working but I need to see the results or I’ll just give up.

What will I do? I think I’ll have to start  SlimmingWorld (give more of my money to that multi-million $$ weight loss industry I was giving out about), get down to my goal or at least kick start me in the right direction and then take it from there myself.

Yep, been there, done that, have several t-shirts of differing sizes.

So what’s another t-shirt for the PJ drawer.





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  1. are you mad? It takes at least a month to start to show anything on the scales but what you’ll find before that is that you should lose inches before weight… have you noticed your clothes fitting less tight? Did you measure yourself around the hips and bust before your started. I bet you’ve lost inches… don’t give up… week three is the hardest!

    • Thanks for your vote of confidence. I am so used to seeing the weight fly off that I’m finding this static place quite difficult. Clothes are a little looser. Didn’t measure myself but had myself measured a few weeks before. Must get them and compare. Thanks!

  2. How have you gotten on since writing this post? I can identify with what you wrote about your body ‘liking’ a certain weight.
    Hope your own plan is successful.

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