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September 23, 2013

There is a lot in my life to feel fortunate for like a healthy family, job security and good friends. There is something else that I am extremely grateful for and that is my annual weekly trip to Spain with my best friend Jane.

Each year since my daughter was born I have headed off to Spain for a break. It started five years ago as three nights away and has gradually increased to a full week. “Sure if you’re going for five nights you may as well go for seven” said my Mom and we all know that Mom’s are always right.

It’s not just the week away that we benefit from, it’s the lead up to it that is therapy in itself! We get so excited and can’t stop imagining ourselves there! This year we were unsure if we could make it happen but even still when times were tough at home with the kids we’d exchange ‘SPAIN’ texts in the hope and need to make it happen once again.

We have a house in Spain so everything is very familiar and it is a home away from home with everything we could possibly need. But let’s be frank, all we actually need for our week is sun, music, food and wine. Nothing else really matters!

We both appreciate the time away so much. We live in the moment, well, we try to! Both of us have two children so it can be difficult at times to be away from them but we just remind ourselves that they are safe and happy at home and that we need this!! Of course none of this could be possible without our Husbands stepping in and taking over everything for the week; looking after school lunches, drop offs, collections, bedtimes and everything else in between… so a huge thank you to both of our men.

So what do we do when we are away for our precious week?

We talk. From the moment we set off for the airport we start chatting and that continues on for the entire trip. We really talk a lot and love that we are not interrupted by children or life in general. We learn a lot from each other from cooking tips and making household chores easier to managing our family better and general life advice. It’s like a week long therapy session for us.

We sing. Music is important to both of us. We have the same taste in music so a Nano was loaded with music and the only time music wasn’t on was when we slept at night. We sing a lot too, in between the talking and of course with music and singing comes dancing!

We laugh. We laugh our heads off! We delve back into our teens and twenties and chat about all the boys we were obsessed with and the stupid things we did in the name of love! Oh we really laugh!

Jane’s favourite part of the holiday was sitting on the beach on our beach chairs eating our cooler-box packed lunch of tuna rolls, crisps and water in the warm sunshine. So simple but so perfect.

My favourite part of the holiday was also at the beach. It was 3pm, we had music playing and each had a large plastic glass of wine in hand. We were singing and swaying our arms to the music looking out to sea. Again, so simple but so perfect.

When we arrived into the airport in Spain and collected our car, we were getting sorted and getting the directions sorted (even though I’ve driven the route so many times there is a tricky part and if you go wrong, you go very wrong!). Jane turned to me and said, “Promise me we are going to make this happen every single year”

To which I replied, “We are going to be 65 and still trying to sort out these bloody directions”.

Jill and Jane

Jill and Jane


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