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Do you believe?

November 14, 2013

This post is not going to be for everyone but the topic is important to me. When I was very young my parents told me about my Guardian Angel. They told me that she is looking over me and taking care of me at all times. I’m not sure if this is something everyone was told but The Angel Gabriel was an important part of my younger years.

Then, all mention of the lovely angels ceased. I’m not sure why? Maybe it was taken over by the teaching of religion in school or that I wasn’t scared of the boogie man anymore and didn’t need the Angles protection?

Years later I was reintroduced to the concept of Angels. I was doing a two year course in Kinesiology. Many of the people on the course were very open to other holistic therapies including Angels.

I loved engaging in their talk of angel readings, the power of Angels and the signs to look out for when the Angels have been nearby. I took great comfort in the belief and possibility that I have an Angel minding me and protecting me.

That first day on the course I bought a pack of Angel Cards. I use my them every now and again but not as often as I’d like; I must start dipping into them more often. A friend keeps hers by her front door and looks at a card every morning. I like this idea but my little people may have other ideas!

I carry an Angel stone around with me most of the time and have an Angle on my key ring. They are a part of my life and those who knows me well will know that if they are ever in trouble or pain I will always offer to send them my Angels.

You see, I fully believe that I am minded by different Angels depending on my needs so if I know someone else needs help I’ll send my Angels to them as a source of comfort.

After my rediscovery on the Kinesiology course I mentioned it at home and how I really do believe in them and their minding powers.  I was told not to be ridiculous!

It was at this point that I reminded them that when I was very small, it was my Guardian Angles who kept me safe from harm, according to them!

Do you remember this…

Angel Prayer

Angel Prayer


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  1. I still say and believe in the Angel prayer

  2. Still say and believe in the Angel prayer

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