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Long lost friends…

January 29, 2014

Do you remember who your best friend was when you were 12? Are you still in touch? Still hang out? If not imagine what it would be like to meet your old best friend from your younger years now.

That is exactly what I did last night!

My best friend from when I was 12 is Sarah Jane. She moved to America all those years ago and over time we lost touch. I always held my memories of time spent with SJ very fondly and we were such good and uncomplicated friends. We met in gymnastics and immediately hit it off. There was never any competition or fighting from what I remember although our parents may say different!

Six months after she left for America all those years ago I headed off, alone to stay with her family in Tennessee for four weeks. It was such an amazing adventure for a 12 year old to travel to Tennessee on her own! I was an accompanied minor with one of those badges, I was very well traveled, well used to airports and times were different, so don’t freak out!!

We spent a fantastic month just being teenagers in Tennessee! I joined her cheer leading troupe, I shaved my legs for the first time, pierced my ears with a large needle and went to my first concert.. The Beach Boys! It was an amazing time although I think both mothers may have been glad we had a large ocean between us given the amount of mischief we were capable of!

So she is back in Ireland to celebrate a family wedding and we met up. It was like we just picked straight up from all those years ago. It was natural and comforting to be in her company. Nothing was awkward or weird, we could have chatted all night.

We tried to fit as much we could into the time we had. We talked about the good and bad times in our lives, about our joys and struggles and shared both funny and sad stories. We caught up on what we had done with our lives and what was important to us. It was like a breath of fresh air in a stressful week for me.

It is a joy to have SJ back in my life. We had conversed on facebook for a few years but it’s just not the same as meeting in person. We gave each other a huge hug on departure and both agreed that it was such a pity we had so much distance between us. We have exchanged addresses and will become pen pals… which is just brilliant! I’ll be so excited waiting for the odd letter; the only post I get is bills! 

If you have a best friend from your youth it might just be worth it to look him or her up. My experience was fantastic!

Sarah Jane and me

Sarah Jane and me



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