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Stop #neknominate

February 3, 2014

If you don’t know about #neknominate I’ll fill you in. A person drinks (nek) a pint of alcohol in one go, films it on their mobile phone, posts it to facebook and then nominates two other people to nek a pint within 24 hours. Harmless fun? A bit of craic? Possibly if it stayed as chugging a pint of beer and it was left at that but it hasn’t. This is what has happened.

People are opening sealed bottles of Vodka and drinking the entire bottle in full in less than a minute. A farmer in his 60’s in Scotland donned a mankini and nothing else in the middle of January and was seen sculling two large glasses of whiskey in front of his cow shed while he grabbed his chest throughout. Another downed a pint of beer, vodka and break fluid. 

It gets worse, so much more tragically worse. People have died as a result of this. The latest #neknomination tragedy saw two young Irish boys in their twenties lose their lives as a result of the excessive drinking in one case and the other jumped into a river after his #neknomiation and tragically drowned.

It’s the 20-something that is being targeted by their peers. Some can just nek the pint of beer but others feel a huge amount of peer pressure to outdo everyone before them in their challenge and to add some crazy mixture, amount of alcohol or stunt afterwards.

Would I have participated if I was nominated when I was in my twenties? Yes, I probably would have. I am not a saint but it simply needs to stop. It is a pity that it took death to slow the #neknominations down in Ireland but will it stop it? It started in Australia and has exploded in Ireland in the past month and is a global challenge at this stage.

The young people taking part view it as a bit of craic. At their age they think they are invincible and sure what could possibly go wrong. I was that twenty-something and never thought any harm would come to me. It’s only now I have children I can see all the dangers that face them and faced me.

It needs to stop. It’s not funny. It’s not cool. It’s killing people. Do you really want to be in a chain-mail that leads to someones death? I didn’t think so.



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