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Lost mojo found

April 10, 2014

Anyone who writes a blog or anything for that matter will understand the frustration and slight panic of not knowing what to write about. You go about your business and then something reminds you of the fact that you haven’t written a blog for another week and then realise the weeks have added up to months.

I have just experienced my second blogging drought and it drove me crazy…. but I’m baaaaaack!

I have had a lot on the past two months. Some big decisions have been and are being made and when something like this happens to me I find it difficult to write about the smaller stuff as the bigger stuff consumes my attention.

I’ve a busy few months ahead too, like most I expect. My biggest home based challenge at the moment is child care juggling and it is such a juggle! I am not one to just ‘trust that it will all work out’ and leave it to the last minute. I am a planner and once I set my mind on sorting something I find it very difficult to rest until it is fixed.

For example, school is shut over Easter and summer and I need to figure out what on earth I will do with my daughter in the mornings. My son is still in creche so he is sorted. We have childcare options available to us from 11am but what about those three hours before that I need to be in work? It’s all still up in the air but I’ve sorted out an Easter camp and some summer camps plus we have a nearly three week holiday (which I can’t wait for) however most camps start at 10am… what to do with her from 8-10am? There may be a few early morning wake up calls at Granny’s house I think!

Then there is the additional cost of the camps and extra childcare hours too. Next year I am definitely going to plan financially for the summer months. Wouldn’t it be lovely if one parent could take one month off and the other the second month during the summer?

Also, himself is away a lot with work at the moment. This week was Sweden, two weeks time is Austin, Texas, then France and then Bratislava… and those are only his travel plans till the beginning of June! So I’ll be single parenting amongst the childcare juggling act!

There is a silver lining though…. I get to escape for a week to Spain at the beginning of June with my bestie.. a whole week with no children, husbands or work…. I honestly think it is the only thing keeping me going!

Finally, I just came across this on my twitter stream and was challenged by the tweeter @flogardens aka Cathriona Edwards to try to not be mindful looking at this clip. Trying to be in the moment and not race ahead is so difficult and I don’t think I am alone in that particular struggle. If you want to experience mindfulness click the link below.. it’s only 4.49mins and I can guarantee you will be absorbed by it.


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