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Blast from the past

April 11, 2014

We all experience bumping into people from our past and I had a blast from my past the other day but not in human form. I found my past in my jewellery box. Who knew that by decided to change my bracelet for the first time in an age that I would be transported back to the happiest time of my life, my 24th year.

I was reminded of a piece of coral that I found while I was diving off the Great Barrier Reef and stole very boldly from the ocean floor to make into a necklace. Then there was the female Buddha necklace I bought in Thailand and wore every day for the three months I was there and whenever I could when I came home. You see Buddha necklaces aren’t really acceptable in the work place with a suit.

Nor is a tongue ring but I persevered and bought a clear plastic bar and managed to keep it out of sight from even my work mates. When I opened my jewellery box and saw all my various piercing jewels I was reminded about the day I got my tongue pierced on Bondi beach and how much I loved it but was terrified it would ruin my teeth. I wasn’t one of those people that showed it off… most didn’t even know I had it!

I also remembered getting my nose pierced in Airlie Beach, Queensland on a 39degree day when I had a very rare day off from my diving instructor job and thought foolishly that nothing could be sorer than a tongue piercing.. how wrong I was!

I remembered the shell anklet I bought in Byron Bay and wore for a year and a half and the turquoise bracelets I wore for special occasions!   Then there was the green stone necklaces from New Zealand that you pretty much had to buy if you visited so of course I donned a piece on a thread of black leather for my month visit there.

I’m so happy I kept all my bits and pieces from my nearly two years travelling. It was an experience of a lifetime and I have all the photos, jewellery, piercing marks and memories to show for it. You see, now I wear respectable, grown up jewellery but there is a very large part of me that is still that tongue ring, Buddha necklace and anklet wearing free spirit.

When did you last look in your jewellery box… I bet it holds some pretty amazing memories.

My jewellery box of memories

My jewellery box of memories

Happy Hippy in Melbourne... love this photo of me!

Happy Hippy in Melbourne… love this photo of me!


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