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I know I’m on holidays when…

August 31, 2014

We all do things a little differently on holidays, don’t we? I am lucky to have access to a villa in Spain and have gone there on holidays for the last eight years. It’s brilliant to have a home away from home in the sun, especially when travelling with children. It means we can settle into holiday-mode the second we arrive; the kids go to re-connect with their rooms and we open the bottle of wine! 

So how do I know I’m really on holidays?

1. I charge my phone once a week

At home my phone charges over night then once in the office and again at night time. So two full charges a day and on a busy day it could be three. We decided not to get wifi in Spain much to my delight. I (nearly) totally switch off only checking work email once every two days and take a complete break from all things social media. 

2. I read

I’m ashamed to say that I don’t read books anymore. Pre mobile/ social media I used to read books quite a lot but I just don’t make the time for them anymore. When I’m away I love reading. I get swept away with the story and can read for hours on end. 

3. I wear clothes I wouldn’t dream of wearing at home

See through beach sarongs over bikinis in Tesco… I don’t think so! Yet I find myself in the local Consum barely dressed without a care! Then there’s the mini-skirts and running in shorts and sports bra!

4. I have curly hair

It must be the temperature over there but my hair dries naturally with a rather nice curl to it… over here I look like I’ve been dragged through a bush backwards if I don’t dry it. I love that I don’t need to blast my head with hot air each evening after my shower in the boiling heat!  

4. I enjoy doing the washing

I am not a Domestic Goddess by any means but when I’m in Spain I actually enjoy washing the clothes. I just love how quickly the clothes dry! A large fluffy towel will be dry in 40 mins! 

5. I eat a Twix every day

There is something about being away and eating a Twix… I don’t know why but every day on holidays I have one from the fridge and love it!! 

6. I feel like a rock-star after a run

Holidays are a break from the routine but the last few years I’ve brought my running gear with me. After each run, no mater how long or short, i feel like a rock star for doing it and always reward myself with an immediate dip in the pool with a beer!

So, how do you know you’ve switched into holiday mode? Is there anything you do or don’t do when away from it all.



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