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I can’t run…

September 8, 2014

Here are all the excuses I have come up with to get out of going running…

“I just washed my hair this morning”

I’m serious. This is an excuse I use quite a lot! My hair takes some taming with a hairdryer so the prospect of having to dry it again after another wash is the perfect excuse. With that logic I need to wait for my hair to get dirty before I’ll run!

“The kids need me”

My children are four and six. They are healthy children and very rarely do they actually need me just at the time I want to go running… BUT, it’s very easy to make myself feel guilty for leaving for a run when they are acting up… which is the exact time I need to be disappearing for a run!

“There just isn’t enough time”

I, like everyone else have a busy life. My family of four is up and out of the house every morning by 7.30 and we are not back together again til 6.30/7pm. We have very little time together so I would often say I don’t have enough time to fit a run in. BUT, then I think about President Obama and how he fits in a one hour run every day…. at 4.30am. He makes time for it.. that is the difference! The other side of this one is I do put pressure on myself to do a bit of a Forrest Gump on it and if I don’t have the full hour that I “need” I just won’t go, coz only running two or three miles just isn’t far enough, sure it isn’t?!

“I had a diet coke today”

I know! You are probably thinking what the hell is she going on about! I once had a diet coke a few hours before a run and I burped my way through the whole run! So, I now know I can’t drink fizzy on the day that I run. If you see me with a can to my lips just ask me if I had planned on running later or if I’m hatching the perfect plan!

“I can’t find my arm band for my phone”

There is no possible way I can run without music or without it being monitored. No way. Just can’t be done. And then I actually lost my armband, went out without it (in a huff) and had a great run and even managed to survive it!

“It’s too hot/ cold/ wet/ dark”

It’s too hot to run, I might get dehydrated/ burnt/ sunstroke. I’ll freeze out there, best to wait and see if it’s warmer tomorrow. I couldn’t possibly go out in that rain, sure I’d get drenched. It’s getting dark early so I best not head out. All nonsense excuses with very easy fixes of course.

I run for many reasons and one of them is for my positive mental health. When I run I am in My world. No one talks to me and I don’t have to talk to anyone, apart from myself of course!

I zone out and check in all at the same time which is not an easy thing to do during a busy day of work/life juggling. Running is an escape for me, it’s a release. It makes me feel like I am amazing for just getting out there and pushing myself. Every time I see people out running I feel like high five-ing them and telling them they are amazing. It’s way easier to come up with one of the excuses above than to get the gear on and go out And every time I chose to run over not running it’s always the best decision. I’ve never regretted a run but I have definitely regretted not running.

I’ve just had a look in the mirror and can confirm I’ll be running this evening, that’s if I can stay off the Diet Coke, find my armband, it doesn’t rain and the kids are happy!

Pre-race selfie

Pre-race selfie


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One Comment
  1. Jane permalink

    Great post! Can totally relate – hope you enjoyed your run this evening! I’m going to go tomorrow – no *excuses

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