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December 31, 2014

On the 1st of January 2014 I sat down and wrote out my New Years resolutions. I had 17 of them. The were all very important to me but I think I was aiming a little high. A list of 17 only leaves room for failure so this year I am going to make a much sorter list.

In reviewing my 2014 list I did not succeed in the first two at all. Not a good start. And these were important ones. Some of the resolutions I’ll share, and others I won’t.

The third I did manage and the forth, which was to find a job I enjoyed and thrive in which I found in Mental Health Ireland. It was the most difficult decision I have ever had to make but the right one.

The fifth I kind of succeed with, to stick with Slimming World and reach my target. I’m very close to my target and more determined than ever. Next year will bring even more health/ fitness changes that I am excited about.

Number six was to exercise twice a week for 30mins or more. I mostly stuck to this apart from the last three months when I stopped to concentrate on my weight loss…. I was rewarding myself with food for my workouts so although I was toning up the scales were not moving much.

Number seven was to learn to use my camera… I joined a camera club but it didn’t last I’m afraid. I am more confident with my camera but rely on my iphone too much.

Number eight to 14 did not come to pass, unfortunately. Three of them relied on other people and were out of my control. The others absolutely in my control but just out of reach in 2014.

Number 15 was to cook more from cook books which I happily succeeded in.

Number 16 was to find my ‘stop button’ when on a night out. I was always the ‘one more drink’ person and I have FINALLY found my stop button and know when I really don’t need that one more drink!

My final resolution, I failed miserably in. It was to blog more!

So tomorrow, when I sit down to write my resolutions I will really think about what is important, essential and achievable. Some will be repeats of last years list that weren’t achieved, but that’s ok.

We are all a work in progress so grab a piece of paper and pen and get writing your list.


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