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It’s Time

January 11, 2015

Time. It sometimes crawls by and other times it flies… this can happen within one short day. In the morning you feel bed time is an infinity away and then all of a sudden your day is over and you made it to the other end .. intact.

One of my New Years Resolutions is to use my time wisely. My time is precious as like most I have to split it into many areas. Children, Husband, Me, Friendships, Work. That’s a whole lot of priorities that need my time and it’s inevitable that the ball will be dropped on all of them at some stage.

My aim will be to use the time that I have with each of these groups wisely. When I am home with the kids and my husband I want to actually be with them and not let my phone and all of its charms distract me. The whatsapp’s and work emails and posts can wait. I want to be present.

When I have time to myself I’ll spend it wisely. I’ll go out for a run or a walk, catch up with friends, cook or write here. Far too much of my ‘Me Time’ is spent in Tesco, putting away groceries or on my phone!

I am lazy by nature so it’s much easier for me to sit on the couch of an evening than make an effort to hook up with friends. A few of my friend say they wish they were more like me and could say no to people more often. The truth is, I wish I could be more like them. And I’m going to try.

I work full time and am happy with that decision. I am not necessarily a career driven person but nor am I a stay at home mom. Hats off to each and every one of you, it is truly the toughest job in the world and you do not get the recognition you deserve. I have a busy and wandering mind and this happens at all times of the day, including in work. I reckon I have a 100% concentration span of 40mins and then I find a distraction. It can be jumping into my emails or another project, or the greatest distraction…. TweetDeck!

I think this is mostly because of the industry I worked in. Working in agency PR meant that you had to be able to jump from one priority to another so it’s kinda ingrained in me. I am going to aim to manage my time more efficiently in work and finish what I start all in one go!

I will try to be in the moment of everything I am doing. With a busy work and home life it’s difficult to stay in the moment, ever.

For example, when I am unloading the dishwasher, half way though I would often think of something else and skip into doing that. I do lots of things in bits and pieces. I want to give everything the time it needs and get the job done well. If the dishwasher needs to be unloaded then I’ll give it the seven minutes that takes, and do it properly. If I am cleaning up after dinner I won’t put water in the pots and leave them in the sink… I’ll take the extra three minutes and clean the bloody things… and then put them away.

It might sound like a small thing but I think if I can crack this time management lark and dedicate the time necessary to the tasks at hand it will make for a happier home, work, circle of friends and most importantly, a happier me.

It's Time


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