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My Slimming World Journey

February 1, 2015

I’ve mentioned my Slimming World journey a few times on the blog but never wanted to make my blog about that journey. But then, after sharing a slimming world dinner I cooked on twitter I realised that quite a few people are interested in it.

So here begins a new category all about My Slimming World Journey. I’ve been attending Slimming World meetings in Greystones for over a year now and in that time I’ve made some great friends, learnt a lot about food and most importantly I’ve learnt a lot about myself.

I’ll be posting about my ups and downs in weekly weigh-ins, my Slimming World meetings with my amazing leader Lesley in Greystones and will post a few recipies. I cook dinner every night and they are all Slimming World friendly so it’ll just be normal family meals with the odd Fake-Away thrown in!

Here is a before and after of me with two stone gone… just to show you that the plan really does work as you won’t believe the amount of food I’m eating can possibly result in weight loss!

Before Slimming World

Before Slimming World

2 stone lost with Slimming World

2 stone lost with Slimming World


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  1. Wow, well done Jill, you look fantastic!

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