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Slimming World BBQ Pulled Pork

February 8, 2015

This one is a real crowd pleaser. If all four people in my family like it I’m pretty sure it has passed the hardest of taste tests!

BBQ Pulled Pork plated

BBQ Pulled Pork plated

What you will need for this one is a Slow Cooker or 4.5hrs to hang around while it cooks in your oven. Here is the oven recipe but I cook mine in my slow cooker.

If you don’t have one yet, get one and get the biggest you can get. Mine is a 5.5ltr volume and I use it at least twice a week. No need to spend a fortune on them either and Lidl and Aldi have been known to do deals on them so keep your eye out!

Gather your ingredients:

  1. 1 x Loin of Pork
  2. 200mls of Passaata
  3. 1 tblsp of mustard powder
  4. 5 tblsp of Worchester  sauce
  5. 10 tblsp of Balsamic vinegar
  6. I clove of garlic – crushed
  7. 1 tsp of sweetner
  8. S&P

Simply throw all the ingredients bar the meat into your slow cooker. Give it a stir.

BBQ Pulled Pork ingredients

BBQ Pulled Pork ingredients

Pop the Pork in. Coat it in the sauce. I also pierce it with a fork all over at this stage to let the sauce seep into the meat.

Cook on a low heat in your Slow Cooker for 12hrs. If using the oven you can cook it in a covered dish at 140 for 4.5 hours.

Then with two forks pull the meat apart. And you have moist and tasty pulled pork with some sauce to drizzle over it if you want… and you will want!

BBQ Pulled pork pulled

BBQ Pulled pork pulled

It’s really really tasty. I serve mine in a Healthy Extra B approved roll with boiled potatoes and green beans and corn. I also add a few slices of cheese – part of my Healthy Extra A allowance for the day.

BBQ Pulled Pork plated

BBQ Pulled Pork plated


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