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Stayed the same

February 10, 2015

“Stayed the same”. There’s nothing exciting about that sentence at all and there is nothing more frustrating than hearing it when you are standing on a scales if you have played by all the rules and had a good week.

Well, there is. “You’re up” is much worse!

Tonight I weighed in at the 5.30 class as himself is out. The Slimming World classes are set up so people can bring their children along with coloring activities down the back but mine are too small to be around talk of weight. I tell them I go to Slimming World and it’s a healthy eating club. They think the weighing scales measures how much water I drink in a week!

I digress. Back to the weigh in. I stayed the same. This is a God send if you have been up to no good but when you have behaved and stuck to the plan it’s maddening. Grrrrrrrrrrrr.

The old me would stop by the chipper to console myself, and I was bloody tempted. I didn’t though.

It was a pity I couldn’t stay to class as these are the weeks you really need to stay and to get the support from the class and Lesley, our leader.

Lesley makes a very good point at times like this. The scales don’t know they have to show the loss on Tuesday evenings. It may very well show tomorrow but I don’t weigh myself at home at all. I actually threw my scales out. You can become obsessive about it and I decided once a week at an official weigh in was they way for me.

What now? Now I carry on sticking to the plan. What will I change? I’ll watch my syns (goodies) and instead of having all 15 syns per day cap it to 8 syns for this week. I’m already drinking a lot of water but I’ll drink more.. I’ll drink water like it’s my job! I’ll keep eating a melon and grapefruit every day and I’ll TRY to stop myself eating between 6-8pm. This is the time where I do all my damage and if I can crack this time I’ll be sorted!

In the meantime I came home to these beauties that my childminder made with my son from The Naked Blondies fabulous blog.

Oaty Orange OvenCakes

You have got to check out her blog…These are the Oaty Vanilla and Orange Ovencakes that my childminder and 4yo son made and they are to die for……

…add a sliver of Nutella – GAME CHANGER!!!

They look like biscuits but they are more eggy than crispie but don’t let that deter you. They are like a Terry’s Chocolate Orange when you add the smallest amount of Nutella.

Try them. You won’t be disappointed. 24 OatCakes (you’ll never eat 24 of these!) uses up your Healthy Extra A and if you use Nutella you will need to syn that.


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