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A little headspace

December 3, 2015

My exploration of everyday mindfulness is going very well. I take a number of moments throughout the day and check in and experience those moments.

I have found that it is slowing time down a little, which is a good thing. My new experiences of the everyday stuff is all of a sudden having meaning.

Little thinks like:

  • Closing doors
  • Blowing out a candle and watching the smoke drift
  • Walking from the car to my office
  • Eating food

I have also started using the Headspace app. Well, if I’m being truthful, I downloaded it months ago and abandoned it after one ten minute session but I’m back to it now and onto session six.

The first ten ten-minute sessions are free and it’s a great introduction to mindfulness. Everyone can do it and listening to Andy Puddicombe’s voice guide you is really quite pleasant too!

The problem I have is finding ten minutes in the day to do it. I am absolutely not going to lie to here and say I’m so busy in work and at home that I simply don’t have a minute to myself, because I do.

It’s making the choice to practice mindfulness instead of getting sucked into my phone or the tv. It’s a choice that I sometimes forget to make and also one I choose not to make.

But when I choose to practice it always makes me feel.

No, I didn’t leave out a word at the end of that last sentence. Mindfulness meditation sometimes makes me feel strong and powerful, sometimes I feel weak and small, sometimes I feel great and sometimes I feel deflated.

I never seek out any of the above but what will be revealed will be revealed and it really is great to just feel.

So I’ll continue on with Headspace and once I reach my ten session limit I intend to buy (get a present from someone lovely for xmas!) a few months worth and see how I go and if I can manage to make it a daily priority.

So if you want to dip your toe in the mindfulness waters, give headspace a go…. the app is free and if it’s not for you, just delete it!




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One Comment
  1. Ah yes, finding ‘the time’. I love it. I have been doing a 5 minute ‘workout’ challenge this week and it’s hilarious ‘trying to find the time’ 😉

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