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A small wobble…

June 7, 2017

I should have been giving weekly updates for my Amphibian King 42km Challenge towards running the Dublin Marathon… but…. every time I set off for a run I had a recurring thought, over and over, with every step….

I can’t possibly run a marathon, I’m struggling at 2km

Then I’d talk myself around. But every run the “I can’t..” thought crept back in. But I kept popping on the runners and persevering through the head stuff and the unfortunately very sore shins. I had developed shin splints that were causing me pain while running, sitting, standing and even lying down.

My fellow Amphibian Sinead got in touch to say hello and suggested we both sign up for the Terenure 5Mile race…. which is 2km farther than I’ve run in three years! So we did and it was lovely to meet her. My time didn’t and never will break any records but I’m proud of it.

It was a great day. It’s a flat race. I enjoyed it but I also found it so hard. And once again, my shin splints were agony. But the “I can’t” voice wasn’t as loud as it had been.

I reported all of this to the team coach Gary and physio Darren and was told to stop running til my shin splints were seen to by Darren at Race2Base. I made it into him a week later (a week of running lost) and he worked his agonizing magic on my poor shins!

Then work trips got in the way of any running for a second week, then a holiday in Spain for a third.

Whilst in Spain, with time to think about what I was doing, or not doing, I had a wobble.

I decided I just couldn’t do it. I was going to pull out. And then, I talked it through with my Best Friend who I was away with (too many late nights to be in any condition to morning run!).

We both came to the conclusion that not only COULD I do this, but I NEEDED to do this. For me.

My head was getting in my way. I KNOW that I can do this but it was easier to sink into the option to not try. To give up and think up of some “genuine” excuses for why I simply couldn’t run the Dublin Marathon.

So I am all in.

I have special insoles to help with the shins, I’m back in the runners and I’m gonna make this happen, week by week til it’s race day.

Terenure 5mile Statistics

I got loads of advice from Darren the physio at Race2Base re stretching, pre and post run. I needed to keep an eye on my form, apparently I run with my bum stuck out and my cadence is too slow…. Cadence is how many times in a minute your feet hit the ground when you run. Darren said to imagine I was running across hot sand and lift my feet that quickly, whilst tucking my bum in!! Easy Peasy!

This week it’s just 3 x 20 min runs and I’m looking forward to getting stuck into a training plan for the next 20 weeks.

I’ve got this. 100%, one week at a time, for 20 weeks.

  1. Well done Jill. We all have wobbles and we all get injured. You’re doing great so far and you’ve loads of time. Text me when you’re looking for a running partner. eilish x

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