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Breaking the rules – 20 weeks to the Dublin City Marathon

June 14, 2017

The fabulous Gary Crossan, my Marathon Coach for the Amphibian King Operation 42km, was in touch with me on Monday last with my orders for last week… 3 x 20min runs. I was dead set on sticking to it, even thought I’m bricking it that I’ll never make the distance – but he’s the expert and has done this hundreds of time. I am a complete novice.

I was being restricted in my runs so my shin splints could heal a little and I ended up going against the professional advice, even though I swore I wouldn’t do it. I was actually really surprised with myself when I went over on not one, not two but all three of my runs! The last one I went over spectacularly by a whopping 25mins. What a wally! I felt like such an eejit telling him.

So, from now on I do things by the book. I trust in Gary to get me to the start and finish line in October. This week is 3x20mins running with 4x20mins on the foam roller.

So for the moment it’s Depth over Distance….

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