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Depth Over Distance

June 16, 2017

Ben Howard has a lovely song called Depth over Distance. I’ve been humming it all day so I decided to listen to it as I haven’t heard it in ages.

It’s a stunning song, especially this live version. It’s the title that interests me though, in relation to mindfulness.

I’m new to mindfulness and sometimes I find it a fantastic experience and other times I get frustrated. At the moment I really like all the breath work – The body work is a whole different experience that I will talk about again.

I find it easier to focus on my breath and to refocus on my breath after I get caught in thought, but after around 15 minutes I sometimes begin to feel real discomfort in my body, even though I’m not doing any body work.

I know this is something I need to work with and I will. But maybe just for now I need to try 10 minutes at a time and, for the time being, it’s going to be about depth over distance.



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