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Thanks for stopping by and checking me out! My name is Jill. I’m thirty-something but really think I’m twenty-something. I am a Mom to a little girl and an even littler boy!

This blog is called ‘sitting on the bench’ as I love nothing more than to observe life around me, or as my Dad say’s “to watch the passing parade”. No idea what the bench has to do with it at all!

I blog very spontaneously with little forethought. Most of the time it’s a race against time to get the words onto the page before they leave my mind!

I write about most aspects of my life including my family, friends, weight loss, running and stuff that effects and intrigues me.

I work in Communications for Mental Health Ireland in Dublin

Thanks for reading… be warned, this blog could go anyway.


  1. Thanks for following my blog. I’m enjoying yours.

  2. Hey Jill!
    I think your blog is Excellent, so I’ve nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! Congrats! You can check it out on my recent post – ‘Versatile Blogger Award: Celebrating Bloggers’.
    – Gretta

    • Oh my goodness, how did I miss this. I’m so sorry and probably far too late. I’ll check it out now and sorry again! Jill

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